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David Miller verdict raises hopes for pro-Palestine voices

David Miller (File photo by PA)

In a landmark legal case in the United Kingdom, a new court ruling has revealed that Israel and its western backers have been suppressing conversations on the true nature of the Israeli regime. 

It was vindication on all counts in one of the most closely monitored employment tribunal cases of recent memory, Professor David Miller and his legal team successfully claimed unfair dismissal and discrimination based on his philosophical beliefs that Zionism is inherently racist, imperialist, and colonial.

In a high profile case Professor Miller was dismissed by Bristol University in October 2021 after a campaign of relentless harassment by pro-Zionists.

So what it means is that, first of all, I was wrongfully dismissed by the university, they didn't properly investigate complaints against me and they didn't properly evaluate what they should do with the results of that investigation.

Second of all, the court determined that my anti-Zionist views are protected under law and it's illegal to discriminate against someone who has anti Zionist views. And they determined that the university had, contrary to what they said, actually dismissed me because of my anti Zionist views.

So that was the key finding and of course that's a protection going forward for every person in the UK in employment who is attacked by the employer, or by the Zionist movement, that they cannot be sacked for having anti Zionist views.

David Miller, Academic

Former parliamentarian Chris Williamson, himself a victim of pro-Zionist hounding, responded to the verdict.

Well, I am absolutely delighted for David personally, but this is a landmark case and will cause huge ramifications, I think, for the people who have been targeted by the Zionist lobby.

Many people have been threatened with unemployment although several have lost employment as a result of their support for the Palestinian people.

And so now we've got it established in law; the opposition to Zionism is a protected characteristic under the equalities act.

Chris Williamson, Former MP

A statement from the lawyers representing Professor Miller in this case reads, in parts:

“This is a landmark case and marks a pivotal moment in the history of our country for those who believe in upholding the rights of Palestinians.

The timing of this judgment will be welcomed by many who at present are facing persecution at their workplaces, for speaking out against Israeli crime”.

In the face of the unrelenting genocide taking place in Gaza, pro-Palestinian voices are under increased pressure to remain silent.

Professor Miller's victory could make workplaces safer for Palestinian advocates.

The position we were in was I made what are fairly unexceptional, anti Zionist points in my public comments. To Zionists these are unconscionable, outrageous things to say; ‘Zionism is racism, Zionism is colonial, Zionism will always be racist’.

The Zionists don't like that and so they want to show that that is somehow anti Semitism or some kind of slur on Jewish people.

Of course, it's not but that's what they wanted to show but what the court has determined is that those unexceptional anti Zionist statements are in fact, unexceptional, anti Zionist statements, and everybody can make those kinds of statements without fear.

David Miller, Academic

Professor Miller's staunch pro Palestinian views, as well as his work on the Press TV Palestine Declassified show, made him a perfect target for the pro-Zionists.

Now perhaps his victory at tribunal level will serve as an inspiration for those hoping to raise their voices for Palestine.

Professor Miller's legal team will now be seeking the maximum compensation on offer for the losses and hurt caused by the discrimination suffered.

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