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British Pro-Palestine academic fighting legal battle over his sacking

Amina Taylor
Press TV, London

Professor David Miller, producer and co-host of Press TV’s Palestine Declassified show, is continuing his fight against his dismissal from Bristol University in October 2021 for what they called, amongst other things, not meeting ‘the standards of behavior we expect from our staff.’ The tribunal hearing is set for October 16 this year and expected to last two weeks. 

For Professor Miller, the pressure to remain silent has been unrelenting, increasing in ferocity over the course of the past three years.
Professor Miller is amongst a group of high-profile British figures on the left who have been hounded on charges of so called antisemitism.

Professor Miller’s advocacy work and contribution to pro-Palestinian shows like Palestine Declassified continue to make him a target for those who would like Professor Miller and those who think like him - to remain silent.

Supporters are being asked to back a special crowdfunding campaign that could help change legal history in the UK when it comes to pro-Palestinian voices. Pro-Palestinian voices await the outcome of this case with bated breath.

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