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Bristol University Professor David Miller under intense pressure by Zionist lobby

Professor David Miller is fighting back against the Zionist lobby in the UK

A professor of political sociology at the University of Bristol is coming under intense pressure by the Zionist lobby in the UK which appears to be intent on destroying his career.

The concerted campaign against Professor David Miller is widely seen as the latest sign of the Zionist lobby’s relentless political, ideological and cultural offensive in Britain.

The Jewish Chronicle reported on February 18 that “leading Jewish organizations” “urged” Bristol University to take action against Professor David Miller after he called for “the end of Zionism”.  

Even the local media in Bristol has joined the bandwagon against Professor Miller, after he accused the Israeli regime of “trying to exert its will all over the world”.

The campaign to get Professor Miler sacked from his post at Bristol University picked up momentum after the “news editor” of the youth news site The Tab published an e-mail from the respected academic in which he called Zionism a “racist, violent, imperialist ideology premised on ethnic cleansing”.

— Ben Bloch (@bensince96) February 18, 2021 ">http://

I just received this disgusting statement from David Miller, a lecturer at @BristolUni.@TheTab could not publish it in full, but everyone needs to see this. As a Jewish student myself, I cannot tell you hard it is to read this from a staff member at my own uni.#antisemitism

— Ben Bloch (@bensince96) February 18, 2021

But Professor Miller has hit back against the Zionist lobby’s offensive, not to defend his own job, but to decry the Zionists’ “war on British universities”.

Writing in the The Electronic Intifada (February 20), Miller asserts that the UK’s “public sphere” is under assault by the Israeli regime and its advocates.

Closer to home, Miller complains about Zionist penetration at Bristol University, notably the hosting of the unabashed Zionist and Iranophobe, Richard Kemp, who is a retired colonel in the British army.

The concerted campaign against Professor Miller unfolds against the backdrop of intense activity by the Zionist lobby across the length and breadth of the British political landscape and the broader public space.

Last month it was revealed that the Labor Party had recruited a “former” Israeli spy to manage its social media operations.

This came in the wake of reports in December last year that a staunchly Zionist businessman – with documented Islamophobic views – had re-established himself as a key donor to the Labor Party.










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