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Britons march in London for full ceasefire in Gaza

Demonstrators hold Palestinian flags and signs during a protest in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, during a truce between Hamas and Israel, in London, UK, November 25, 2023 [Hollie Adams/ Reuters]

As the bombs temporarily stopped falling from the sky above Gaza, hundreds of thousands of pro Palestine demonstrators of all faiths are back on the streets of the British capitol with many traveling from other parts of the UK, united in their demands for a permanent ceasefire.

We need a ceasefire. We need to end the siege in Gaza, we need to end the occupation and free Palestine.

Demonstrator 01

A long term solution is an immediate ceasefire, a longer term ceasefire; it is an end to the system of apartheid. It is an end to the occupation; it is an end to the oppression and systematic oppression that has been going on for the last 75 years.

Demonstrator 02

The demand is, obviously, that Israel stops this genocide, that they allow the people to go back to their homes in Gaza, that they stop pushing them out towards the desert.

Demonstrator 03

More than 1500 police officers were on duty, distributing leaflets warning demonstrators against the use of "racist abuse and promoting terrorism:, raising questions about proportionality.

Yeah, there's a lot of pressure on the police; being put on them by the government to stamp down on these protests. You know, these protests are accused of being anti-semitic, but really, these are just ordinary workers who can understand what's happening. Who can see through the establishment lies, the propaganda.

Demonstrator 04

What they are also demanding is that the UK government stops arming the Israeli regime and withdraw its diplomatic cover for Tel Aviv.

Western governments have suffered major reputational damage for their continued support for the Israeli regime's crimes against Palestinians.

And the people here are highlighting Western double standards with regard to the protection of civilians in different conflicts.

Well, we see all over when it was the Ukrainian issue, you know, everyone was, the flags were out, everyone was talking about it. Right now it is silence across every political spectrum. Labour, nothing Conservative, nothing, you know, and they are parties that we're not gonna be voting for. So yes, this has to be the forefront of all political activity.

Demonstrator 05

The four-day truce offers some hope to the demonstrators that it might mean the beginning of the end and a breath of fresh air to the more than 2 million Gazans who are left with few options for survival.

This is the seventh protest of the kind in as many weeks in the UK. The organizers say as long as the killing continues so will their protests.

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