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Western leaders double standards on Gaza and Israel war

War and Hippocratic western leaders

The European Union has asked Elon Musk to censor information not conforming to the Western narrative over Israel's war of aggression against Palestinians in Gaza.

The EU called on musk, the billionaire owner of the social media platform 'X', formerly known as Twitter, to curb the spread of what it called disinformation about Israel's aggression against Palestinians.

In a letter to Musk, shared on social media, the EU industry chief, Thierry Breton, claimed that he had indications that X was reportedly being employed to disseminate what he called illegal content and disinformation in the European bloc.

The criticism directed at the X social media platform is part of a multi front information war designed to control the narrative around anything surrounding the Palestinian issue and the latest anti occupation operation.

Palestinian support in the West is at an all time high, despite Western leaders coming out in the open in defense of the Israeli regime and its relentless and indiscriminate aggression against Palestinians.

In France, which prides itself for its so called freedom of expression, police attacked a pro Palestine demonstration.

It's a shame that France is authorizing the protests in favor of Israel, but forbidding the protests for Palestine, arguing that they pose a security problem.

They just can put some policemen and they will see that things will go well.

We have the right to show solidarity with people who have been suffering oppression for a long time. This has to stop, stop hypocrisy, stop.

French Protester 01

Western leaders and their media cronies have come out in unison disseminating the same false narrative that the Hamas operation was unprovoked and the Israeli regime is justified in attacking Palestinians, but they fail to mention the unbearable situation that Israel has created for Palestinians, both in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

Also, this is just part of colonization. This is the last phase of European colonization.

And notice that the countries that are most strongly in support of Israel are not just the United States.

It's the United States, Australia and Canada, the offshoots of England, Anglosphere, they are sometimes called, unusual forms of imperialism.

These are settler colonial societies.

Noam Chomsky, Philosopher

The west and its media apparatuses have turned to their disinformation campaigns to muddy the line between fact and reality.

Perhaps the most egregious claim came from the Zionist outlet i24 news. It had falsely claimed that 40 Israeli babies were killed and that some were decapitated. The claim has been proven false by media outlets.

The claim of Israeli babies being killed was spread with no proof or credible source yet the very real footage of murdered Palestinian babies being pulled from the Gaza rubble was largely ignored by Western leaders.

I am incredibly angered that word of mouth, unverified reports of "rape and decapitation", which obviously draw on Islamophobic tropes, have garnered more and more political and global outrage than those very images and then a video of a nurse announcing and screaming in distress that her husband has been killed in an Israeli airstrike.

And you know, the PR the PR strategy of the Israeli regime throughout all of this has been turned into Islamophobic sentiments,

Mohammed El-Kurd, Palestinian Writer

The Western media and celebrity apparatus are intertwined, and they propagate the so called standard narrative about the righteousness of Western Israeli axis and the inherent evil character of Muslims and Arabs.

Any deviation, meaning support for Palestine, is met with false claims of antisemitism, racism or outlandish smear campaigns.

Decades of aggression, occupation land theft, systematic discrimination against Palestinians and oppression, have largely been ignored.

The Israeli government have [sic] brazenly, publicly, and, openly, declared their intention to commit a war crime and have commenced that war crime against the people of Gaza, saying that they intend to starve of food, electricity, water, 2.2 million people.

That is a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

They are raining down thousands of the most sophisticated missiles known to humanity onto the most densely populated area in the world, (where) almost every missile will incur civilian casualties, will and are destroying the infrastructure, the water infrastructure, the energy...

Richard Boyd Barrett, Irish Lawmaker

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