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Zionist agenda for Palestine, UK complicit in war

Smoke and flames pour from a highrise building after an Israeli strike in Gaza City. (Photo: Reuters)

As Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza continues, a Zionist think tank linked to Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed a final controversial solution for Gaza.

The Misgav Institute for National Security & Zionist Strategy calls it a unique and rare opportunity to evacuate the whole Gaza strip in coordination with the Egyptian government.

Furthermore, it is understood that Britain is sending intercepted Palestinian resistance communications to the Israeli occupation forces.

It has also been revealed that the British government has issued a D notice to media outlets directing them to suppress information about SAS operations.

Britain's active participation in genocide

Evidently, the genocidal Israeli war on Gaza aims to drive the Palestinians into the Sinai desert of Egypt.

A recently leaked document from the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence laid out the plan for this operation and the ways in which it could be sold to the Palestinians and the international community.

It is an attempt by the Netanyahu regime to push forward plans for a “Greater Israel”.

Undoubtedly, this plan will fail. Already a complete unit of the Israeli occupation forces has been completely eliminated on the ground in Gaza.

A military that is so used to striking from above and at checkpoints will struggle with the harsh realities of urban warfare and Gaza will become their quagmire.

There have been reports of US Delta Force involvement in the attempted invasion of Gaza. However, the Axis of Resistance is responding.

Delta Force was instrumental in the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Britain has been a keen ally in Israel's campaign, even sending a spy plane to hover over occupied Palestine to assist in the bombing.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's family have significant business ties to the Zionist entity, their company, Infosys, is Co-directed by Uri Levine, formerly of Israeli military intelligence unit 8200.

Infosys and its subsidiaries in the entity all employ former Israeli military personnel. Infosys was a seed investor in a tech company founded by veterans of the Israeli military intelligence corps.

The recently dismissed former British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is also deeply connected to Israel having previously boasted of having close family members within the Israeli occupation forces.

She sought to outlaw waving the Palestinian flag on British soil, and even ban the use of particular pro Palestinian chants.

No matter how hard the US, Britain, and Israel, try, they will not succeed in subjugating Gaza.

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