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Hundreds attend Pro Palestine vigil outside Downing Street

Pro-Palestine protesters hold a vigil outside Downing Street in London on October 18. EPA

Hundreds attend Pro Palestine vigil outside Downing Street as a sign of solidarity with the thousands of Palestinians killed and injured in Gaza.

As the Israeli war on Gaza rages on, a vigil is underway outside Downing Street in London to remind Palestinians they're not alone.

The mood is somber as some in attendance have lost loved ones in Gaza.

I have family in Gaza, some of extended family, that have been martyred, family friends who are also gone, direct family that's been displaced. It's heartbreaking.

Attendee 1

This is beyond,... it is absolutely terrifying and horrific that we are here at this point. Just free Palestine.

Attendee 2

Across the road from the vigil, the Office of the UK Prime Minister, whose government’s unfettered support for the Israeli regime, amplified by the UK mainstream media, is not lost on the vigil goers.

What we have here is a media that is discriminatory, that is explicitly valuing the lives of Palestinians less than Israeli people.

We have reports, there are studies, each death of a Palestinian generates one seventh the media (coverage) of a death of an Israeli, and it's clear that in this conflict, that there is a distortion of facts, that we have a set of reports that come out of Israel and a set of reports that come from Palestinian people, they are not treated the same.

We treat the Israeli reports as fact, even though they have one of the worst track histories, and we treat the Palestinian reports as a likely falsehood, as something sketchy, as information that we don't trust.

Attendee 3

Support for the Palestinians comes under a deteriorating climate for human rights activists in Europe.

Just last week, the British home secretary, Suella Braverman, told police carrying the Palestinian flag may be a criminal offence.

At the time of this report, Israeli bombardments of the Gaza Strip have killed over 3000 Palestinians and injured more than 11,000 others.

It has been several days of horror for Palestinians in Gaza, several days of heartbreaking images pouring in, and several days of agony for the people in the UK and across the world who feel powerless to stop the Israeli carnage.

To them this is about remembering those who were murdered and praying for the survivors.

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