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Israel Gaza strikes 

Israeli warplanes have bombed the Gaza Strip, hitting several homes and killing 13 people. Ten-year-old Diala Jamal Khuswan lost three members of her family in the regime’s pre-dawn strikes. The Israeli regime says it targeted commanders of the Islamic Jihad movement. The resistance group confirms that the attacks claimed the lives of three of its senior commanders as well as their wives. Residents in Gaza, recount the regime’s air raids.

Slamming Israeli aggression 

Palestinian resistance groups have warned the Israeli regime against its latest bloodshed in the besieged Gaza Strip. Hamas’ political bureau chief, Ismail Haniyeh, also reacted to the Israeli attacks, saying that the assassination of the resistance leaders will not bring security to the regime. The Islamic Jihad movement said the regime will pay a heavy price for its crimes. The movement underlined that resistance against the occupiers will continue. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry called for international mediation to stop Israeli strikes on Gaza. Iran has also strongly condemned the attacks. Foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said the attacks show the regime’s weakness in the face of the growing resistance of Palestinian youth in the occupied territories. He also criticized the silence of the international bodies and Western countries on the regime’s inhumane measures. 

China-Canada tensions 

China has expelled a diplomat from Canada’s consulate in Shanghai in a tit-for-tat move after Ottawa asked a Chinese diplomat to leave the country. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Beijing reserves the right to respond further to Ottawa’s unreasonable actions. He added that China's move is to safeguard its legitimate rights and interests. On Monday, Canada announced the expulsion of the diplomat from the Chinese consulate in Toronto for allegedly interfering in the country’s internal affairs. Beijing has rejected the accusation, saying it has no interest in doing so. Diplomatic tensions between the two countries have been running high since the detention of a top executive of the Chinese firm Huawei in 2018 and Beijing’s subsequent arrests of two Canadians on spying charges. All three were freed in 2021.

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