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IAEA Iran inspection

Iran has rejected claims about granting the International Atomic Energy Agency access to individuals as part of its inspections of the country’s nuclear program. The spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says the issue was not even raised during the visit by the IAEA chief, Rafael Grossi, to Tehran. Behrouz Kamalvandi added that there was also no discussion about unrestricted access to the alleged three undeclared locations where the agency claims to have found uranium traces. He also stressed that Iran’s agreement with the IAEA during Grossi’s visit complies with a law passed by the Iranian parliament to counter sanctions and develop the country’s nuclear program. As part of the agreement, Iran said it will voluntarily allow the agency to conduct more verification and monitoring activities, in case such activities are needed. After arriving in Vienna, Grossi claimed that the agreement includes access to people of interest. 

Israel violent protests

The Weeks-long protests in Israel have once again turned violent. Regime forces used water cannons to disperse the protesters blocking a main highway. Tens of thousands of people hit the streets of Tel Aviv for the ninth Saturday in a row, to protest the judicial reforms proposed by the far-right cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli forces, some on horseback, also blocked some streets in an attempt to contain the protests. The protesters are angry at the new cabinet’s plan to curtail the judiciary. If approved, the legislation would increase the cabinet's influence in choosing judges and limit the powers of the Supreme Court to overturn the cabinet’s decisions.

China military spending

China’s military budget has risen by 7.2 percent this year, slightly outpacing last year’s increase. The national budget released on Sunday showed some 224 billion dollars has been allocated to military spending for the year 2023. Beijing says armed forces should work to carry out military operations, boost combat preparedness and enhance their military capabilities. This year's hike in defense spending marks the eighth consecutive single-digit increase. The upswing in the defense budget comes amid growing tensions between Beijing and Washington over a wide range of issues including Taiwan and the South China Sea. 

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