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Western media frenzy against Iran, an attempt at regime change, using Mahsa Amini

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
Women wearing headscarves walk in the streets of Tehran near, Tajrish Square, on July 12, 2022. (Photo by ATTA KENARE / AFP)

Vague headlines with an ill defined narrative and accusations lacking substantive evidence would be an apt summary of the new but old Western media frenzy against the Islamic Republic of Iran in an attempt to push, yet again, for the same regime change tactic.

Many pro color revolution Western websites published this part of the news narrative: "Mahsa Amini died after falling into a coma following her arrest by the morality police in Tehran because of her inappropriate dress."

But did the young Iranian woman die the moment the police arrested her or was she in shock after being arrested by the police for a felony she had committed according to Iranian law, or could her having suffered from a chronic disease her entire life lead to her tragic death?

The coroners report did not corroborate the allegation that Mahsa Amini had been subjected to any form of physical violence.

So, what really happened and how did she pass away?

One day after her death Iranian authorities released CCTV footage documenting the young woman's last moments inside the morality police Headquarters.

The footage proves that Mahsa Amini, 22, was not subjected to any violence or physical abuse.

The clip clearly shows the young Iranian woman inside the morality police station standing next to a bench talking to another woman then, suddenly, grabbing her head, crashing into a bench and falling to the ground.

At the end of the clip she was taken to an ambulance and from there to the Kasra hospital.

The Iranian police said that Miss Amini had suffered sudden heart failure in the presence witnesses and was immediately taken to hospital for emergency treatment, sadly, Mahsa did not recover.

In addition to the rumors and conflicting narratives that spread after this politically appetizing issue, as some activists have called it, a series of global condemnations and denunciations began.

The White House said that Mahsa Amini's death was a flagrant and appalling violation of human rights, the United Nations expressed their usual concern, the European Union considered that what happened to the Iranian girl was unacceptable, while France considered Amini's death shocking.

Within hours news websites and social media platforms were filled with articles, blogs, and TV episodes, discussing the death of Mahsa Amini as well as video analysis explaining how she died.

A clear ruse at directing public opinion against Iran, pushing direct incitement, clear mobilization, and discussion of public and individual freedoms in Tehran.

The United States of America incarcerates far more of its population per capita than any other country in the world.

The UK incarcerated journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and is about to extradite him to the US, straight into the warm embrace of the CIA.

And the French Senate passed an amendment last year that bans girls under 18 from wearing the hijab in public, prevents mothers from wearing the hijab on their children's school trips, and bans the burqini, a full body swimsuit, yet the UN claims to be worried about women's rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The tragic death of Mahsa Amini, 22, turned into a fake news bomb that fits the bright headlines of the Western mainstream media perfectly.

How the mainstream media dealt with the death of Mahsa

In addition to the rumors and conflicting narratives that spread after this “politically appetizing issue”, typically, a series of global condemnations and denunciations began pouring in starting with the blatant hypocrisy of Washington and going on to the so “concerned” UN who have never shown any concern for the millions of Iranians suffering from Washington's unlawful and unilateral punitive measures.

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During the recent wave of violence on the streets of several Iranian provinces not only have rioters disrupted public security and trashed their own cities, they went as far as terrorism, cutting and slitting the throats of Iranian police officers who tried to maintain the safety and security of the streets in their own country.

How far do you think this very suspicious wave of violence is going to go in Iran?

It's hard to say how far it will go but I think it will go as far as those who are responsible for this chaos want it to go, unless, and until, the authorities in Iran put a stop to it, which they've been trying to do since the very beginning.

And as you said, they've met with outright violence from vandalism and fires and actual rioting to the cutting of throats of police officers or law enforcement, which is not something that one would typically associate with Iranians, who care about their country, who care about the rule of law.

What is happening has all the hallmarks of a color revolution in service of regime change. And though we don't know for sure who is behind this, we can make some very good guesses as to who is responsible, and as we know from past experiences, they will stop at nothing unless they are stopped or they achieve their aims.

I don't think they will achieve their aims as has been the case in the past. But again, they will take this as far as they feel necessary to take it unless and until they are stopped by Iranian authorities.

Jesse Zurawell, TNT Radio Host

It is neither new nor surprising to actually see how Western mainstream media is taking advantage of the recent situation in Iran, claiming all sorts of humanitarian violations while they persecute their own people at home against free speech and while they take part in normalizing the West's brutal unilateral, punitive measures against Iran and against other countries as well. And they do that without even flinching. They don't care.

Concerning this new wave of attack against Iran, do the public really believe what their regime is trying to portray of the Iranian state?

I'm sad to say that at the public level here in the US, it's barely making an impact, if any impact at all, most people are not aware of what's happening in Iran right now.

And if they are, they're not paying attention very closely to it outside of what's being spewed by the likes of the corporate media, (the) likes of CNN, and Fox News, which has been ad nauseam, to suggest, to declare, that the Iranian state is carrying out violence against its citizens, that the Iranian state murdered the young woman in question when there's clear evidence that that is not what happened.

The situation in Europe as opposed to the US seems to be, ... there seems to be a bit more awareness, there seems to be more propaganda in public and a public that is willing to fall for the propaganda but here in the US, it comes primarily through corporate media and people, if they care at all, pay attention just to what is told to them by corporate media and do no more research than that.

Jesse Zurawell, TNT Radio Host

How do people such as you get to know what is going on; where do you get your news from?

Well, speaking for myself, I go to Iranian sources, I go to Press TV, of course, and I go to independent, various independent media sources that actually are paying attention to what's happening in Iran, and paying attention to it in a way that is not just regurgitating state propaganda.

That said, it's still difficult to get an exact picture as to what's going on.

But if you pay attention to corporate media, you're getting a very distorted, I would say completely inaccurate, picture of what's going on.

Jesse Zurawell, TNT Radio Host

What we saw and we are still seeing in Iran at maybe a slower pace than what happened during the past few days, is a page from the color revolution 101 manual that we have seen for the past at least 15 years, from riots to violence against security personnel to killing civilians and claiming that the authorities actually did it.

This is exactly what we saw in Syria in 2011, and before that, in Ukraine and in Georgia. But with all that is going on right now, with the world literally two steps behind world war three.

What does the US really think it can gain from instigating such unrest knowing that Iran is not Syria?

The US is certainly playing with fire with regard to Iran. It's not in an economic position to be waging such warfare, really, against Iran, economic warfare and regime change warfare, and perhaps this is at the behest of Israel, we certainly need to ask that question and we need to ask to what extent the EU and UK are involved in this. It is very suspicious that this comes right after Iran was formally welcomed into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SCO, and it comes at a time when the president of Iran is speaking before the UN General Assembly.

Certainly Iran is making moves on the world stage to try to benefit itself. And since the revolution in 1979, the US and the broader West has stood completely against any sort of self determination on the part of Iran.

So it seems to me that what the US is trying to do here is what it's always been trying to do, though, it has certainly upped the game.

 It's using more intense tactics than it has in the past but it seems unlikely to succeed because Iran knows how to deal with this sort of chaos, this provocation, but time will tell.

Jesse Zurawell, TNT Radio Host

The Iranians have been through this before and were able to bypass all of the attempts by the US to wreak havoc and disturb the security in Tehran and other provinces elsewhere in Iran.

However there is something which the mainstream media did not even mention. They ignored the US occupation forces killing of a young Iraqi teenager.

The teenage girl, Zainab Essam Majed al-Khazali, was killed by a stray bullet from an American occupation base situated inside Baghdad's International Airport. As if it’s not enough that the Americans are illegally residing, as a form of occupation, inside the International Airport of a supposedly sovereign state.

During drills they blatantly use live ammo while fully aware that the airport is encircled by civilian residential neighborhoods. One such drill resulted in the death of a young Iraqi teenager, Zainab Essam Majed al-Khazali.

Iraqis are rightfully infuriated by the crime and have demanded that the authorities in Baghdad investigate the incident which has affected all the families in the village, located in the Abu Ghraib area, amid a total media blackout.

The killing of the 15 year old girl Zainab Essam Majed al-Khazali in the Abu Ghraib area west of the capital Baghdad by an alleged stray bullet sparked a wave of anger on social media platforms in Iraq.

Politicians and activists accused the US occupation forces of killing the girl while training at a nearby camp. The bullet, which ended the life of the young woman, had come from a military shooting range near the village in the Abu Ghraib district. The US operations command decided to open an investigation into the death of the teenage girl.

The Iraqi security media said in a statement that the competent authorities supervising the course of this investigation will announce to the public its reasons and will take the necessary legal measures against anyone who was proven to be culpable in this incident. 

Iraqi politicians and bloggers accused the US occupation forces of killing Zainab and one of the most prominent tweets on that matter was attributed to the Secretary General of Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq, Qais Hadi Sayed Hasan al-Khazali, who demanded an immediate investigation into the killing of the girl.

The hashtag #America_killed_Zainab started trending and was based on the testimony of the people of the region, and video clips circulating on social media platforms, that the bullet came from a training camp inside Baghdad International Airport in reference to the American Victoria occupation base located inside the airport.

The martyrdom of  Zainab by the American occupation forces in Baghdad does not seem to be passing unnoticed inside Iraq. The public are demanding government agencies investigate the incident, which has affected all Iraqi families in the Abu Ghraib area.

Meanwhile, Iraqis were not the least surprised that the Western mainstream media remains silent about this crime, while it is dancing nonstop to the tune of regime change in Iran.

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Western and regional media hypocrisy does not surprise any of the natives of West Asia. How many times have we seen them rising up for shenanigans under the pretext of human rights and keeping silent about the massacres of the occupation, be it the American or the Zionist occupation?

The silent media activists and politicians who were tweeting around the clock attempting to incite civil war in Iraq not so long ago, are nothing less than partners in crime to the repetitive crimes of the American occupation forces, not only in Iraq, but across the whole world.

The official US military report states that a stray bullet ended the life of young Zainab who died as a result of a gunshot wound coming from a military shooting range near her village; "a gunshot wound originating from a military shooting range", this is what it said, which means that the killer is known or the suspect is well defined, but the news is incomplete and unclear.

Does a stray bullet take responsibility instead of a shooter?

The military range shooting incident statement was you know,.. the language for that is intentionally obscured because it is a site of the US occupation, which is illegally in Iraq, which illegally established its presence in Iraq decades ago and refuses to leave, despite the express will of the Iraqis.

So while the media can obfuscate the accountability and the responsibility by trying to claim that a stray bullet did not intentionally kill Zainab Essam, it still is indicative, when the mask of the language is uncovered, that the US occupation is accountable for this action just as it is accountable for the death of millions  in Iraq.

The language of collateral damage that was employed by the imperialist leadership that justified the war crimes that took place in Iraq also could have been obfuscated to signify that oh, the deaths of millions of Iraqis and of countless civilians, children, women, did constitute a non intentional attack.

But nonetheless, it was the direct result of an illegal occupation that involved a brutal force against a civilian population and this is no different.

Julia Kassem, Journalist

The 15 year old Iraqi teenager was killed by a stray bullet in her own father's field, however, many might not have even heard of her name before now, before even watching this show right now, or the events that actually led to her murder.

The international media not only blacked-out the story, they were busy broadcasting regime change propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

How would you assess the hypocrisy of the media, especially in a case like this one which is a clear cut case?

Right, and it's absolutely necessary that Zainab Essam's name and her case is obscured ... while the media is propagating the narrative of the evil Iranian regime that is just brutalizing women and is directly responsible for the death of Miss Amini, which anybody has access to the footage, it was widely broadcast, it's available.

It clearly shows that there was no evidence of beating but that narrative had to take precedent in order to justify the imperialist feminist push to, again, demonize Iran and launch this narrative in attempts to launch another soft-war, color revolution, campaign.

And to have this occur simultaneously with the death of Zainab Essam, it's not possible, because the consent for Imperialism had to be manufactured. So to have these stories heard and broadcasted simultaneously would present a contradiction in the imperialist narrative that would hold the US accountable for the death of Zainab al-Khazali, but at the same time, wants to hone in on focusing on holding, manufacturing, a narrative around the Iranian government, of its supposedly legitimacy and its brutality, particularly against woman, which is a very, very common and recurring trope in US propaganda and Western propaganda against Iran.

And again, in one case, it was very obvious who were the culprits of the killing of Zainab Essam were, but in the second case,  putting the Iranian government to blame and the Iranian officer and manufacturing this narrative of brutality was construed, it was obviously a narrative pushed on absence of evidence, whether it was the case that she died in police custody or was affected by distress due to her preexisting chronic disease.

Julia Kassem, Journalist

The fingers of accusations are directed against the occupation forces in Iraq, the American occupation forces and like what they are propagating about Mahsa Amini in Tehran, they did not provide a justification, or an explanation, for what they did to Zainab al Khazali.

Although Iraqi politicians and bloggers accused the American forces of killing Zainab and they demanded an investigation of this murder, however, no country denounced it, nor was the voice of the United States of America heard, nor did the United Nations portray its concern, which it usually portrays against anything that's going on in West Asia and hardly anyone in any of the Western countries had even heard a whisper about Zainab.

This is not a matter of geography but rather of interest and of responsibility.

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But will Iraq be able to hold those responsible accountable for the murder, or the treacherous and cowardly crime that they committed against a 15 year old Iraqi teenager?

And just to finish up the last point that the Iranian government is constantly demanded to hold itself accountable in the context of its constant demonization, despite an investigation being ordered by the President and ... security carrying it out right away.

And in the case of Iraq, while there has been investigation demanded, the US first of all wants to maintain its impunity in its role in causing countless Iraqi deaths, including this one, which is no different. But the US’s continued intervention in Iraq also keeps there from being a government that's able to hold it accountable.

In 2019, the resistance forces in Iraq, which represented a significant segment of the elected body, were trying to form and consolidate a government that would be able to hold [the] US accountable and remove the US out of Iraq. But of course, the US came in and incited a color revolution in Iraq that was designed to prevent that from happening.

And we're seeing the effects of that right now, of how justice and accountability cannot be attained for Zainab Essam.

The US wants to retain its impunity in the countless deaths around the world, Intentional deaths that it caused, and Amini's death is a convenient way for it to deflect responsibility and push a narrative that further obscures its role in actually imposing its occupation, Its will, its hegemony, around the world intentionally and through systematic violence and force.

Julia Kassem, Journalist


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