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Mahsa Amini: A Tragic Opportunity for a Secret Operation

One of the latest stories that have come out of Iran is the story of a young woman named Mahsa Amini. A story which in a single week generated ninety-three million entries on Google. Just to get a better understanding of how major this is, the 8000 year old capital of Mahsa Amini’s homeland, Tehran, generates only about 35 percent more than that!

The tragic event in itself was shocking, but what was also strange was the way in which the story was developing. Before Ms. Amini even passed away in the hospital, a string of disinformation had started to widely circulate in the media through posts that were later deleted by various account admins. It was claimed for instance, that Mahsa Amini had been beaten to death, without any evidence. As a result of the death of this young woman and increased rumors on social media, public outrage started to increase in Iran and many individuals and public figures condemned the incident.

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