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Where the US goes, death, destruction and turmoil follows

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo)
US Army Black Hawk helicopters are pictured at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport in Lod near Tel Aviv, on July 12, 2022, ahead of US President Joe Biden's visit tomorrow. US President Joe Biden's trip to the Middle East, starting tomorrow evening, has fuelled speculation of a possible breakthrough in normalising ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, which does not recognise the Jewish state. (Photo by JACK GUEZ / AFP)

A series of US interventions over the past couple of decades or so gave the impression democracy would prevail and everything would get better, but war, USA style, has been anything but that.

Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, have all been subject to US interventions and are experiencing chaos as result. Why have US intervention been so destructive and conducive to instability and the ordinary people suffering as a result?

In this edition of the spotlight, we will look at these interventions and whether the US has learned its lesson or is it continuing down the path of intervention and war with other countries such as China and Russia next on the list?

Taking a look at US interventions or wars, let’s consider Libya as an example. Basically, we're looking at the way that US has intervened in that country.

The worst fighting in more than 10 years have occurred over the past seven days. It has subsided but 32 people were killed 159 wounded.

And of course the existence, for all intents and purposes, of two governments shows that the country is divided even in that respect.

What type of message does that send In the case of Libya in terms of what US did there?

Well, it sends a message of criminality and murder and theft and rape and pillage and destruction at the hands of the CIA, the French intelligence, the British MI6, the Israeli Mossad, and their puppet regimes of Saudi Arabia and even Qatar, that all played a role in the strategic overthrow of Muammar Qaddafi for, among other reasons, Qaddafi's desire to establish a gold based dinar in Libya and separate his country from the petro dollar dependency.

And he had done miraculous things, you could argue, for the Libyan people, in the Libyan infrastructure with all kinds of technological developments.

So Libya is one of the most tragic and despairing examples that you could identify because it had so much wonderful and glorious potential that was just savaged and ruined and destroyed by this monstrous Western Imperial model, and it has been left tattered and in ruins and in tribal warfare ever since.

And  Libya will have to evolve itself out of this, but I think it sets the tone that the US policy is based on two things: crushing destruction and violence and enslavement of a country, masquerading as alliance, masquerading as part of the Enlightened-American-EU model.

But crushing violence in a military threat, and also combined with unnatural social sciences, and unnatural perverse culture, anti family policies, anti God policies, in preference for a woke, atheistic, environmental worshipping hodgepodge of nonsense and mental instability.

So that constructs both sides of the US foreign policies.

Scott Bennet, Former US Army Psychological Warfare Officer

One of the things that the US boasts about is what it calls “nation building”.

When the former US President Barack Obama was asked what his worst mistake had been during his tenure as US President, he said: "probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya". So there had been no intention of nation building if the former US president said that.

Does that still hold true for how the US approaches its interventions?

Yes, it certainly holds true, you only have to look at Iraq today and what's going on in that nation, what the Americans did in terms of the invasion of Iraq was not only based on a lie, but it was also followed up with no intention to nation build.

It was done with the intention of plunder and to pillage and to control that nation for, not only their own interests, but the interests of their masters because let's not forget the US is simply, and its military machine is part of the industrial military complex, which is really in the hands of the global money mafia.

This is the reality and the US Army is simply boots on the ground for those that try to engineer the planet on a global level, and America is used (for this purpose) constantly. It has been(ongoing) since it was given this role as the so called "International policeman" and it does that very, very, ruthlessly, to the tune of $4 trillion used just to, basically, destroy Iraq.

I think that if you count Afghanistan within that context, as well, it increases.

It also, of course, left Millions and millions of people displaced and millions killed. I mean, this is the result of what we are talking about, ordinary civilians, not just military men, but ordinary civilians, men, women and children, who aren't even part of any wars, have been ruthlessly annihilated and killed, murdered and maimed.

This is the result of what happens when they say we're going to go out and nation build. Also what happens is, in Iraq, you can see that whilst Iraq is still occupied by the invading American forces, they have done nothing to build the infrastructure of Iraq.

They've done nothing in terms of trying to help real democracy emerge there; far from it, what they do is they go in with a plan to continue dividing, whether it's on sectarian or ethnic or any other lines, any other weakness or vulnerability they can find.

They'll use corrupt politicians, corrupt tribal leaders, corrupt anybody they can find, in order to coerce them to continue chaos so that they can continue to loot oil and such things.

This is what their idea of nation building is.

Seyyed Mohsin Abbas, Journalist and Political Commentator

When you take a look at Washington’s track record, three interventions in the past decade in which they have failed miserably; Libya, Afghanistan, and of course, Iraq.

The United States cannot just say oops, the first time we tried it didn't work so let’s try it a second time. If that fails we can always try again, third time lucky. It is unclear what type of thinking there is, unless there's a concerted effort to inflict death, destruction and havoc upon the object of their ‘interventions”.

Iraqi infrastructure was decimated by the invaders and the situation has yet to be rectified. 

Are these concerted efforts by the US to keep these nations suppressed? 666

No, this was an active deception operation. This has been part of a plan that really began in 1990. And the world has been deceived, and believed the lies, thinking that the United States, which has always advertised itself as a beacon of democracy, of human rights, of freedom, of liberty, and all of these gold plated slogans.

The US threw those up like flowers into the air, and the rest of the world thought they were real, but they were illusions, they were distractions so the US could stab a knife between their ribs when they were looking up.

And the US tried to do that with Russia. They tried to dismember and rape and pillage Russia in the 1990s. That's why Vladimir Putin was risen [sic] to power, to save the country.

The US destroyed Yugoslavia then of course, you laid out very well, the 20 years of a military juggernaut Empire, where the US thought it could mimic the British, and, using the false flag attacks of 911, go in and destroy Afghanistan, all for Freedom and Liberty, liberty and democracy and human rights and women's rights and all of this other nostalgic nonsense.

And then, from Afghanistan, which had nothing to do with 911; that was all the US CIA, the British and the Israeli Mossad. They transitioned to Afghanistan, and Wesley Clark, the former NATO Supreme Commander has confirmed this, that they had plans to take down seven countries in five years.

So they went to Afghanistan, they went to Iraq, they went to Libya, they went to Lebanon, they went to Syria. They've tried to go against Iran but they failed because the world has woken up to their plans and their deceptions and the death and the misery that is caused by the seeds the US planted.

And the irony is all of the death and the misery and the chaos and the conflict that [the] US has sown into [sic] these regions is now being visited upon the United States.

With the United States, very soon I think intelligence is analyzing between October 29 and September 9, or October 29 and November 9, you're going to have massive up rests in civil war in the United States.

So what the West has tried to sow in countries like Ukraine, for example, where again, they prostitute, and they position biochemical labs, for example, in Ukraine, human trafficking operations, “colonialization” against Ukraine, to use it in a war against Russia.

All of this misery, death and deception and destruction that the West has camouflaged as democracy expansion; the world has woken up and said, no, you're liars; you are hypocrites; You are agents of death, We want nothing to do with you.

And I think in the next few years, you're going to see the United States ostracized from the rest of the world, because it has become nothing but a walking zombie that devours the world.

Scott Bennet, Former US Army Psychological Warfare Officer 

The Department of State, the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, says promoting freedom and democracy and protecting human rights around the world are central to US foreign policy.

So based on that premise, if you take a look at what has happened, it appears that the stated goal is just for for display, but really, that's somewhat interchangeably used when the US wants to spread democracy because it's kind of like a codeword for military action, because that's what we're seeing. When promoting democracy is discussed it soon becomes evident that promotion of democracy means military action.

Who are the beneficiaries in these interventions?

Well, America doesn't have democracy in its own land. What it has is a plutocracy. So let's first of all get the base of America itself.

They have a system which essentially plays along with the idea that you've got elections and democracy, but actually, the power in Congress is mostly dictated to by the Money Mafia, by the Fed, by the Bank of International Settlements and its interest.

So the global elitist interests are what they actually want. So democracy is just a scam, a sham, to keep the ordinary masses feeling like when they go and do all these evil things in these other countries that, actually, they're doing it for these reasons.

So first of all the whole notion of democracy, first, we have to question America as being a democracy in the first place, because it's not, patently not, when you look at and scratch the surface of what they sell you.

Then, of course, when they take democracy to other lands, well, let's look at how they roll out their perverted form of democracy.

Their chief attack dog in West Asia is the settler colonialist state of Israel, an occupying force of Zionists, that have something called the periphery and the Yinon plan, which is an offensive plan to divide rule, create conflict, destroy and occupy neighboring nations or, basically, West Asian Muslim Arab nations largely, and the evidence of that lies, you know, with their current occupation of large tracts of Egypt, the Golan Heights, the (region) occupied in Syria, the occupation of Palestine, obviously, and even the occupation of much of Jordan.

So those are just some obvious examples of the occupation and the attack dogs of Israel are given $3 billion, that's just official, in order to achieve American imperialism on another level other than their own military boots on the ground.

So first of all, democracy, you can see the kind of democracy that Israel operates in its own land, backed by America, and you can see what it does is to try and make sure that no democracy exists beyond that.

So this is nonsense in itself.

And as a result, you can also see that, that the Americans are actually constantly creating new reasons to create this kind of trouble and conflict and they have been backing despots.

So if they're after democracy, let me ask the question, is Saudi Arabia a democracy? it is 110%, an ally, a partner, a poodle, of the Americans and the Israelis.

Is Bahrain a democracy, which they are totally in bed with? is, for instance, Egypt, even a democracy? Are any of their allies in that region, which they support, democracies?

No, they are not, they are despotisms, they are vile monarchists, who are propped up, and so, their democracy argument is a complete load of baloney.

Seyyed Mohsin Abbas, Journalist and Political Commentator

A study has shown that the United States of America has waged 400 wars since its founding less than 250 years ago, and a quarter of these have been in the Middle East, West Asia and Africa. The study goes on to say the US deploys Special Forces in more countries than it does ambassadors.

Are we looking at what drives the US to initiate these wars, in there really haven't been any wins by the US, no military success to speak of, which kind of resonates with what former US President Donald J Trump said: "you spent two or $3 trillion in West Asia with the Middle East. What do we have to show for it?"

Well, you're witnessing nothing more than the US Military Industrial Complex run amok, and that's what the United States economy has become, it's become a puppet show of old drunken whore mongering generals and their "prestitutes" in the media, and their pedophiles in the Congress, all clamoring for the moment's pleasure of being elected and having money and running this game of death.

So the US is nothing but a military industrial complex.

You're exactly right. It has not won any wars of any significance. You can even say World War Two was won by the Russian people, who lost 28 million to the 400,000 of the US, and I think that is an ominous sign that the West is so perversely sick with woke-ism and perversion and pedophilia and Lesbian-Gay transgender studies, that it has lost all connection with natural, normal human life.

It is really essentially become a schizophrenic, mentally unstable nation and people that are so pharmacologically seduced with every drug imaginable, in every perverse form of culture and entertainment, that you created a monster in the culture, in the citizen's status of America, present company excluded.

There are those of us in America that firmly stand with the position of Iran and Russia and the other countries that are rising up for stability and sovereignty and I think the BRICS nations is an organization reflecting that, but you're really witnessing the collapse of an empire mentality that is going to collapse with great violence and desperation.

And I agree with your guests 100%, the  Oded Yinon plan, the Israeli divide and conquer strategy, has really been at the heart of these middle eastern disruptions, and it's even in place in Ukraine.

But all of this, I think, is very quickly running out of steam.

 And the rest of the world is waking up and forming their own social, economic political alliances, divorced of any influence or any participation of the United States.

Scott Bennet, Former US Army Psychological Warfare Officer 666

The US Army is shown to have dropped a daily average of 46 bombs and missiles in territories of other countries over the past two decades. It spends roughly as much on what it calls defense as the rest of the world put together.

Washington says that the reason behind this is to project military power globally. Is the US military industrial complex so used to getting money from the US government the reason why they can't afford not to continue this habit, Is that what's driving this?

Yes, but the root-cause that's driving it is that they plunder resources. I mean, when they go to Iraq, when they go to Afghanistan, and they go in with the cover of democracy and human rights and whatever else it is, or Saddam is evil, Saddam or whatever, or Iran is about to nuke the world. I mean, they've got all this kind of nonsense propaganda that gets rolled out first, but they actually go to plunder.

So when they went to Afghanistan, very few people will focus on the fact that heroin production increased 40 fold plus, you know, some ridiculous amount compared to when, for instance, the Taliban had been in power.

So you see that smuggling and drugs and the trade exponentially rises when America arrives in a region, and that was funneled out by Pakistan and Karachi. And these smuggling operations were very much known to the CIA and they were very much involved with them.

So that's just one example how of how they clandestinely profit from the region, but most importantly, openly,  even today in Syria we see lines of truck thousands of trucks daily, pumping out illegal oil that they've robbed from Syrian territories are going out through Turkey, and whatnot. And so it goes, on and on, whether it's gold, whether it's oil, whether it's land, whatever it is, the main purpose of sending in the US military is to go and secure those assets.

The French do it, the British do as well. France just popped up in Yemen where, of course, America is financing, the dirtiest war that we've seen so far.

We've, you know, millions of people suffering from famine; you've got Biden and Co. pumping in this track record of 46 bombs per day. I mean, they do it sometimes through their Saudi allies, sometimes through their ISIS allies, because don't forget that they're still operating very, very much so in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and elsewhere.

So America doesn't just do these things directly, it has many proxies, has many dirty agencies that continue to display and exact this violence for the purpose of resource plunder and control of those territories.

Seyyed Mohsin Abbas, Journalist and Political Commentator

Why is the US out to take both China and Russia on? Both of whom are military, nuclear powers.

How do you view that scenario?

Well, your other guest is right on the resource pirating that the US has done and there's a program called deep black, which the US orchestrated for taking opium and heroin from Afghanistan in three United States CIA channels.

It's deep black, I wrote it in my book "Shell Game", and it's a monstrous crime the US intelligence agencies have been involved with.

I think the United States of America is in a Civil War. Because half the people have woken up to the lies of the Empire and the other half are too stupid or mindless or corrupted to want to abandon this trajectory.

But the United States is waking up, there are people rising up saying "No More! You're not going to wage war against Russia, Iran or China". And I think the Biden administration is doing it to try and distract away from their own political failure that is coming.

Scott Bennet, Former US Army Psychological Warfare Officer


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