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Operation Eagle Claw, declawed by Tabas sand


Iran has marked the anniversary of the failed 1980 US military operation in the central Iranian desert region of Tabas known as Operation Eagle Claw.

A memorial ceremony was held in the capital Tehran, highlighting the botched American operation in which US choppers crashed in the desert.

On April 24th 1980, the US military carried out a covert operation in Iran by the order of then president Jimmy Carter.

The operation, known as Eagle Claw, failed due to major sand storms in the central Tabas desert, and resulted in the death of American soldiers. Iranians believe the sands were the agents of God.

The botched American mission was an attempt to release 52 Staff of the US Embassy [known as the den of espionage] who had been held after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The Tabas incident was a helping hand from the Almighty God to defend the great nation of Iran and also the late founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini said the sands are appointed by God. Even the sand rose in support of the Iranian nation.

 And that bitter incident happened to the American regime.

Nader Adibi, National Museum of Islamic Revolution, Holy Defense

Unlike previous commemorations, this year's memorial isn't just a history lesson.

It is also an opportunity to reflect on Iran's recent anti-Israel retaliatory attack "Operation True Promise", which showed the true extent of Iranian military might.

Our great nation and honorable people must take into account that these threats were not made today and yesterday.

As far as the country’s nuclear industry is concerned, for years.

In addition to threats, the fake Zionist regime has been carrying out sabotage and terrorist attacks. 

The Islamic Republic was ready to respond to these threats from the very beginning.

General Ahmad Haghtalab, IRGC Commander for Iran’s Nuclear Security

Since the failed US operation Eagle Claw 44 years ago, Iran has boosted and upgraded its defense capabilities and can withstand a multitude of threats.

We will not hesitate to retaliate from our own land.

The true promise operation was executed in a specific manner which is classified right now.

We used scores of drones, cruise and ballistic missiles, with proper timing to successfully penetrate the complicated Israeli air defense systems and strike our targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Major General Hossein Salami, IRGC Chief

Iran has shown, time and again, that threats from its enemies will only strengthen its will to defend what belongs to the nation.

And now it seems that the West has finally woken up to Iran's military might following “Operation True Promise.”

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