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Yemen army gains

The Yemeni army says it has liberated Bayda province from the Saudi-backed remnants of al-Qaeda and Daesh terrorist groups. According to the army spokesman, Yemeni forces, assisted by tribesmen and locals, managed to clear an area of about 2,700 square kilometres of terrorist elements. Yahya Saree said 70 enemy forces were killed and 120 others injured during the operation. He said Yemeni forces took control of seven bases belonging to the terrorist elements and seized large caches of ammunition from the foreign-backed mercenaries. The army spokesman said the Saudi-led military coalition attempted to halt the Yemeni army’s operation by launching dozens of airstrikes.

Afghanistan humanitarian catastrophe 

The World Health Organization says Afghanistan is facing an imminent humanitarian catastrophe, appealing to international donors to continue funding the UN body’s campaign there. The WHO chief said the Taliban’s takeover has pushed health workers to leave the country, causing a brain drain that will have consequences for years to come. Tedros said engaging the Taliban leadership is essential if the world is willing to support Afghan people. The appeal comes as nearly 10 billion dollars worth of the Afghan central Bank’s assets remains frozen by the United States. Washington took the measure after the Taliban swept into power in mid-August. The International Monetary Fund has also blocked Afghanistan’s access to its emergency reserve, arguing that the Taliban government is not recognized by the international community.

Post-Brexit fishing row

France says it is running out of patience with the UK regarding post-Brexit fishing rights as tensions between the two countries simmer. The French European affairs minister said his country will continue to fight for its rights. According to French authorities, fishing licenses are due to expire in a few days with only a handful of new ones issued. On Saturday more than one-hundred French fishermen protested in Normandy, demanding the renewal of their licenses. EU fishermen's access to British waters has been a source of bitter dispute during post-Brexit negotiations. The topic still remains an explosive matter despite the Trade Agreement which gave EU vessels access to British waters until 2026. 

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