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More Gaza civilians killed

Over eight months into the Israeli genocidal war against Gaza, the regime keeps pummeling the devastated territory, killing more innocent women and children. In the latest attack, Israeli forces targeted a residential building in al-Bureij Refugee Camp in central Gaza, killing at least nine Palestinians, including 5 children. At least two people were also killed and over a dozen injured after Israeli fighter jets struck a house in the Zarqa neighborhood, north of Gaza City. According to Palestinian health officials, Israeli forces have committed 2 massacres within the past day, killing at least ten civilians and injuring over 70 others. Many more are still unaccounted for. This brings the death toll of the Israeli genocide to nearly 37,350, with over 16,000 of them being children. More than 85,000 people have also been injured.

End of war cabinet

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disbanded his war cabinet amid infighting among members. The decision comes after one of the members, Benny Gantz, stepped down earlier this month. He criticized Netanyahu’s Gaza operation and gave him a deadline of June 8 to come up with a plan for post-war Gaza. Hours later, the commander of the Israeli forces in Gaza, Avi Rosenfeld, also announced his resignation. Rosenfeld cited the prime minister's failure to prevent the al-Aqsa Flood operation by Hamas on October 7. With the emergency war cabinet dissolved, the war-related decisions are to be handled by the regime’s security cabinet.

Presidential candidates face-off

Iran’s presidential race is reaching a fever pitch ahead of the first debate on national television, which is planned to take place shortly. The debate is scheduled for 16:30 GMT today. There will be 4 other debates in the coming days. Candidates will answer questions and express their views on different subjects. The question and answer session is expected to be a hot one due to the differences in candidates’ plans and strategies for the future administration. They have already appeared on national TV individually in discussion panels and answered questions on the economy, foreign policy, and culture. Press TV will give a full live coverage of the 4-hour debate.




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