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Agent of Zionist entity: Lies peddled by 'Campaign Against Antisemitism' exposed

A longer clip shows the Met officer offering to escort Gideon Falter around the demonstration to his destination. Photograph: Campaign Against Antisemitism/PA

Gideon Falter had his face plastered all over the mainstream media after he tried to provoke confrontations with thousands of anti-genocide protesters in central London on the 13th of April.

A specially edited video produced by his organization, the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), released to the media five days after the march, caused a deluge of headlines on the shocking moment Police threatened to arrest Falter simply for being "quite openly Jewish".

This narrative dominated all major news outlets for some five days until Sky News published a much longer video segment lasting 13 minutes, which showed the encounter in context.

This started to change the story.

The BBC Breakfast Program interviewed a former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent, Dal Babu, who stated:

I have entirely watched the 13 and a half minute clip on Sky News. And it's a totally different encounter to the one that Mr. Falter is reporting.

The narrative that's been pushed in the last few days is not accurate.

... personally if I was a police in that March, I would have been inclined to have arrested him for assault on a police officer and a breach of the peace.

Dal Babu, Former Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent

In the Sky News footage, the activist insisted he was only trying to cross the road down which the demonstration was passing.

But this is disputed by an officer in new footage, who said Mr. Falter had deliberately walked head-on into the crowd and accused him of being disingenuous and seeking to antagonize the marchers.

Then it emerged that one of the people accompanying Falter, who looked like his security detail, had been coordinating security for the visit of the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, to London in December last year.

His name is Vincentiu Chiculita and It turns out that he worked for the SQR group. Other security personnel, presumably from the same firm, can be seen in various video clips from that day.

The clips made it clear that Falter was simply lying in his interactions with the police. The firm also happens to be run by two ex-Mossad officers. They even advertise themselves in the Zionist JC as former Mossad.

One of these men, Avi Navama, may well have been the Mossad Station Chief at the London embassy of Israel, given the description given of him in the Jewish Chronicle as a ‘security attaché who specialized in counterterrorism operations'.

The picture of an ordinary Jewish man wandering the streets of London after attending synagogue, only to run into an anti-genocide March, by this stage had been totally destroyed.

Instead, what we're seeing is a Zionist provocateur, with a Mossad-connected security team, deliberately trying to provoke trouble, so that the victimology of false anti-semitism allegations could be employed.

This seems to be part of the Zionist propagation strategy, doesn't it?

In the last couple of months, actually stretching back to November, we've seen Iranian supporters of the former monarchy of Iran.

We've seen settlers, American settlers, flown in from the Zionist state including their fiancé’s, this woman came in with her fiancé, and they are all there to provoke trouble.

And they've tried their best and they've largely failed. Getting photos was the most successful attempt to provoke trouble. No trouble was provoked.

But they, of course, then went on a campaign to sack the head of Metropolitan Police, which seems to have failed, but nevertheless, they made some good traffic with that on the media before it was debunked.

David Miller, Academic

Why do you think the mainstream media didn't recognize this as just part of the kind of propagation strategy attempting to provoke a reaction?

I think the most obvious thing is that it's not a new phenomenon. For years we've seen the narrative of Israel support is pushed pretty much as if it's automatically true, while every comment by a pro Palestinian, or a few years ago pro left commentator, would be challenged and derided and denied.

So it's just part of the overall kind of trend in Western media, I think, in particular UK media, that there is only one narrative allowed to be put to the public, and no dissent is allowed from that because it would cause too many questions.

 And that's even more so at the time now, when public support for Palestine and public horror at what's going on in Gaza is at an all time high, and rightly so.

And we're seeing people out in increasing numbers every week.

Steve Walker, Journalist

Will you tell us about how this story has shifted, because it sort of seems to have backfired, hasn't it?

Well, the story was carefully packaged from the beginning. The march was on a Saturday, and they packaged together the video and they released the video at the end of the next week, and it managed to dominate the headlines for four or five days until Sky News released the 13 minute version of the clip.

That was when everyone could see that what he was saying was made up and that's when the ex-superintendent Dal Babu comes on and says that, effectively, he should have been arrested. 

And so that was the process; now of course that doesn't mean that the their power to affect things has gone away because, even though it's been debunked, and even though we've seen various elements of the debunking, it's still the case that they are taken seriously, for example, by people like the prime minister, and Tory ministers and, of course, the Labour Party as well.

So it doesn't totally undermine their power, but it's made it much more difficult for them to push forward.

David Miller, Academic

Well, Steve, I mean, this Israel security link, I mean, that is pretty shocking, isn't it?

I can't say I really am shocked at all, I mean, it would strike me as entirely par for the course really that there are these kinds of connections going on.

The CAA is an openly pro Israel organization like many of the so called communal organizations that have put themselves forward as speaking for Jewish communities. You know, they have an openly Zionist, pro Israel agenda.

And, you know, from their founding in 2014, even the Jewish Chronicle, which is hardly likely to be a critic of them was reporting them as one of the rising pro-Israel groups that was given us their primary reason for existence.

Steve Walker, Journalist

I mean, you might not be shocked Steve, but I think the wider general public, you know, maybe not as familiar with the way the Zionist lobby works. Do you not think they would be pretty shocked?

I think if you're if you're unfamiliar with what's going on, you may well be shocked otherwise you may just be appalled.

But, you know, there's nothing remotely surprising in the way that things have worked out.

You know, we've seen something similar going on in the student protests in the US, with people trying to provoke incidents, pretending to have been stabbed in the eye by a flag.

You know, a woman yesterday walking her dog into the middle of the pro-Palestine protesters and then calling the police saying she was surrounded and not being allowed to leave.

Yet, nobody was stopping her from leaving ... So it's not it's not uncommon for these kinds of things to go on. And as soon as anybody starts paying attention, they'll realize that and, you know, generally within a few minutes of these things going out they are getting debunked already.

Steve Walker, Journalist

But what about the Mossad link, what do you make of that?

So I mean, as far as the guys who are ex Mossad, what's interesting is that those employed as security guards are mostly ex British military.

So it's an attempt to do one of these things when they kind of work together with the British military, Mossad comes together with the British military to try and fuse together the interests of the UK and Israel. Where, of course, they should be, of course, close to each other.

But the Mossad people had, as we saw in the film there, they had been the security detail for Isaac Hertzog, the Prime Minister of Israel, when he come to London in December.

And when you look a little bit closer at the film, you can see there wasn't just the one guy who was identified, who was clearly the director of the security detail, but there were four or five other people, presumably from SQR Security, plus some other people who looked like they were advisors.

So he had a team of about seven people with them. Yeah, just to make sure that nobody looked askance at him in case his feelings were hurt.

David Miller, Academic

These revelations suggest that the campaign against anti-semitism is visibly working with the Zionist regime, don't they?

Maybe it was decided to bring them along as a precaution or for extra muscle and a bit more intimidatory presence, but either way, it doesn't look good, and it has been made to look a lot worse than it was by the so called mainstream media.

Steve Walker, Journalist

Dirty tricks deployed by the Campaign Against Anti-semitism

The Campaign Against Anti-semitism was formed 10 years ago as a means to divert attention from the slaughter in Gaza launched by the Zionist entity in early July of that year.

Its first action was to propose a boycott of the Tricycle theatre for refusing to accept sponsorship from the Embassy of Israel. This manifestly had nothing to do with so-called anti-semitism.

The modus operandi for the CAA can be seen from these early actions; a deliberate refusal to distinguish racism against the Jews from legitimate criticism of the Zionist entity, which the CEO, Gideon Falter had already formed before joining the CAA.

In 2009 he was instrumental in convicting a Foreign Office diplomat, Rowan Laxton, accused of racially aggravated harassment, for allegedly denouncing Jews while watching TV reports of Israeli atrocities.

The trouble was that there was no evidence Laxton had ever mentioned Jews. He had merely denounced Israelis. Falter had given a false account of the incident.

The CAA now has a serial record of making false and vexatious claims, including against the Labour Party. One of its staff famously crowed that they had killed the beast, when Jeremy Corbyn was forced out as leader of the Labour Party.

"The Hannuka miracle has happened. The beast is slain and I have an urge to express my love and personal gratitude to every single person, some of whom I've never met who have played their part and wish them a Hanukkah or maybe Chrismukkah somehow."

Joe Glasman

The CAA has a special dispensation with the regulators not to name its trustees or directors. But we do know that Falter is a director of three charities associated with the UK branch of the Jewish National Fund, the land theft and ethnic cleansing agency based in Jerusalem al-Quds.

It is one of the four Israeli national institutions that comprise the leadership of the global Zionist Movement. The JNF in the UK has recently been rocked by the resignation of Gary Mond in April 2023, from three of its charities after he referred to all civilization being at war with Islam.

This happened just after Samuel Hayek, Chair of the UK Jewish National Fund, promoted the far-right 'Great Replacement' theory.

Hayek remains in post at the JNF and as director of more than 10 of its associated charities and companies despite living in the settler colony.

It's no surprise, therefore, that the CAA has also pushed Islamophobia by attempting to smear British Muslims as anti-semitic.

Close examination of the financial reports of the JNF and the CAA shows that Falter is one of the trustees of the CAA and the JNF is a major funder of the group.

In fact, the JNF appears to restrict some of the money it donates to be used to fund Falter's salary, a clear problematic conflict of interest.

The CAA is a covert instrument of the foreign policy objectives of the illegitimate and genocidal Zionist regime. It should be shut down.

What do you make of the origins of the campaign against anti-semitism that we touched on in that report?

Well, the origins of this organization are that they set themselves up in order to divert attention from the Israeli assault on Gaza.

So it's a kind of feel comfortable cycle, they're still doing the same thing that they are to pretend that when people object to the slaughter of people in Gaza, that actually what they're motivated by is anti-Semitism.

We saw from the first example there the fact that their first campaign against the tricycle theatre, nothing at all to do with anti-semitism; it was to do with funding from the Israeli embassy.

But of course they want to say that's the same thing. Of course, everybody knows that's not the same; my case shows that that's not the same thing, anti-semitism and anti-Zionism, they're separate things and they should be kept separate.

But nevertheless, this campaign against anti-semitism is just a pro-Israel organization. And that's what it's for.

David Miller, Academic

And when you say your case, you're talking about your case against the University of Bristol who dismissed you for alleged anti-semitism. 

The employment tribunal ruled that, hereon in, opposition to Zionism is a protected characteristic in employment law.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) played a key role in the witch hunt against Jeremy Corbyn, including the spurious complaint to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, didn't it?

Indeed it did, along with the Jewish Labour Movement; they were the ones who put in the complaints about the supposedly raging anti-semitism within the Labour Party.

And, you know, if anybody's paying attention that's been thoroughly discredited. Even the EHRC report didn't find any kind of evidence of systemic or in a kind of widespread anti-semitism.

They named two people and are already taking legal action against them for wrong comments about them as well. So the whole thing was, as far as I can tell, a complete political stake job, done for political purposes.

And you know, as far as I can see their main concern that was really there among the opponents of Corbyn, who support Israel is that he would immediately recognize Palestinian statehood, and that for them is apparently a goal that will justify any other actions that they take.

Steve Walker, Journalist

Ironically when Sir Keir Starmer went to visit a former concentration camp, the Zionist Labour MP Margaret Hodge said that the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism was using anti-semitism as a pretext to undermine the Labour Party.

It was and I mean, it's repeated again with this whole incident with the Met Police because, you know, and from the point of view of somebody who has been targeted by some of the people involved, it's quite amusing to see people like John Mann, Margaret Hodge, etcetera, now, frothing at the mouth again about the behavior of their campaign against anti-semitism, where they never made a peep when it was Jeremy Corbyn that was being attacked and in fact, reinforced those attacks.

But the campaign against anti-semitism has diverged from their interests now, and they're also attacking Keir Starmer, as if he's not been sufficiently zealous on their behalf, and you know, they were getting up in arms about it and getting really cross about it.

The latest attack on the police was crushed, just as they got crushed when it was an attack on Keir Starmer, so politically motivated accusations seem to be fine when it's somebody you don't like, but not great when is somebody that you do.

Steve Walker, Journalist

Sir Keir Starmer of course is the man who says he supports Zionism without qualification.

How does the Jewish National Fund fit into all of this?

Well, as we saw in the film, I mean, Gideon Falter as vice president of the Jewish National Fund UK, and it's the ethnic cleansing and land theft organization that's a key part of the Zionist movement, which is devoted to making sure that lands taken from the Palestinians can never be given back to them, they can't come and live on it, the building it can't rent it.

And that of course, is a key element of the Zionist movement to make sure that the Palestinians will be removed, there'll be ethnically cleansed and can't come back.

So it's perfectly clear, given that the Jewish National Fund is a massive funder of the CAA that, effectively, the CAA has been funded by a part of the Zionist movement which is directly connected to the Israeli government.

So it's effectively an Israeli Government foreign policy tool, and that's how it should be treated, and it shouldn't be given the kind of charitable status it has, because that's not public benefit, especially in the interests of a hostile foreign state is not a public benefit.

David Miller, Academic

Steve, I mean, do you think Gideon Falter and the campaign against anti-semitism have actually lost credibility since the reality of what took place in that encounter with a police officer came to light?

I think in a wider kind of landscape, yes, certainly, because anybody who was blissfully unaware of what the CAA does and how it does it would, maybe, have taken you know, the BBC  at face value that they are a neutral community agency.

But, you know, to the movement, to the left, etc; we've been on the receiving end of a lot of this stuff for years now; there was no credibility to lose.

It certainly doesn't do credibility any good to be exposed putting forward an edited version of something that then turns out to be something completely different once the full version is released, as it was by Sky.

Steve Walker, Journalist

David, I know that you've been scrutinizing the financial reports of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, what did that reveal?

The key thing to notice is that they have a special dispensation with the charities commission, and indeed with Companies House, which I don't believe any other charity in the country has, which is that they don't have to name any of the directors or the trustees.

We were able to tell that the Gideon Falter was one of them, because of the related party transactions which have to be revealed in the accounts that means there have been transactions with another charity, of which one of your trustees is a member, and in that case the related party is Gideon Falter.

He's the JNF Vice President and also he's also obviously a trustee of the CAA and that's how we were able to look and reveal that actually, there's money coming from the JNF to the CAA which is reserved and restricted in its use, so they can only be used to pay Gideon Falter's salary.

That's truly extraordinary. I'd never come across anything like that.

Of course, there's much more to learn in such a case, but it requires a lot of effort to get into and work out what these accounts mean because they use them to try and cover up what they're actually doing.

David Miller, Academic

How are they getting away with this special status that they enjoy?

The Charity Commission have had a history in the last 10 to 15 years of attacking Muslim charities as part of the calculated Islamophobic policies of the British government and as a result, possibly, that is the case that there are there's five Muslims working in the charity which has 500 staff,  1%, way lower than it should be for a fair proportion.

So it looks like there's a bias against Muslims in the organization, both in terms of staffing, and in terms of targeting.

They don't want to look at Zionist charities they've had to look at Zionist charities, including the JNF on several occasions, including the CAA, but they don't really want to take any decisions, which would which would stop them from functioning.

They have to on occasion, but it requires a huge amount of pressure for them to do that.

David Miller, Academic

What do you think campaigners should be asking the Campaign Against Anti-semitism now?

I think there are two main things. I mean, the first one is obvious here. You know, to my mind, it is ridiculous that they have charitable status.

As I understand the rules on charities they're not supposed to be for political purposes, and they clearly are political, and the charities commission should be stripping that status immediately.

I don't expect it to happen. But I think that's what should be.

And I think the other thing is that the, you know, people need to demand the broadcaster's stop presenting them as some kind of neutral commentators or arbiters, and that's not limited to the issue of anti semitism.

We see that all the time with far-right organizations, alliances and all this kind of stuff who are, you know, have a definite agenda in terms of, you know, the welfare state and other areas of government spending are brought on routinely as commentators on financial issues and presented as if they're just there because of their expertise.

So, you know, we should be flooding the BBC and other broadcasters with complaints for including people who have an agenda and they don't mention the agenda.

Steve Walker, Journalist

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