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Iran defense capabilities

The Navy of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, IRGC, has unveiled new strategic systems and equipment. They include reconnaissance, intelligence, offensive, and combat drones. The IRGC Navy also received hundreds of cruise and ballistic missiles with a range of 300 to 1000 kilometers. The new products were unveiled in a ceremony attended by the top military brass and a number of government officials. The chief commander of the IRGC addressed the ceremony and underlined the importance of reinforcing the country’s military power. Major General Hossein Salami said the presence of enemies in the West Asia region has opened up opportunities, culminating in an increase in Iran’s defense products. He added that the Islamic Republic has made headways despite sanctions by its enemies.

Ex-Pakistan PM jailed

Supporters of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan have taken to the streets in protest against the former PM's detention after a court found him guilty of graft and sentenced him to three years in jail. Protesters in the city of Muzaffarabad marched and shouted slogans slamming the court convicting Imran Khan for illegally selling state gifts. Saturday's ruling will potentially bar the opposition leader from running in an upcoming election. Police arrested Khan in Lahore. The protests came after Imran Khan’s allies released a pre-recorded video in which he asks his supporters not to sit silently at home and stand out for him. Imran Khan has denied all charges against him. The former prime minister was elected in 2018, but was ousted in a no-confidence vote last year after falling out with Pakistan's powerful military. He is facing more than 100 cases brought against him since his removal. However, he says the charges are politically motivated. Saturday's verdict centered on charges that he incorrectly declared details of presents from foreign dignitaries and proceeds from their alleged sale. The gifts are reported to be worth more than 635,000 dollars.

Russia-Ukraine war

Moscow says it has taken control of more areas in Ukraine as Kiev launches new attacks near the Crimea region. The Russian defense ministry said the army captured the settlement of Novoselivske in the northeast after heavy fighting. Russian forces have recently increased their attacks in Ukraine’s east with the aim of stopping Kiev’s counteroffensive assaults. Meanwhile, Ukraine has reportedly hit a Russian tanker with a naval drone in the Kerch Strait in the Black Sea. A source in Ukraine's security service said the vessel was transporting fuel for Russian troops. The attack happened near a strategic bridge linking Russia to the Crimean peninsula. That’s a day after Kiev hit one of the warships in Russia’s Black Sea naval base near the port of Novorossiysk. The port is a major hub for Russian exports.

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