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Iran- IAEA cooperation

The IAEA chief denies the agency watering down its standards following Israeli allegations of capitulating into Iranian pressure. Grossi added that the IAEA’s work is neutral, impartial, and technical. He also described Iran’s explanation on the Marivan site as plausible. That’s where traces of depleted uranium were allegedly found. In a report to member states last week, Grossi said Iran provided a possible explanation and the agency had no additional questions on the issue. The report said inspectors no longer had questions on uranium particles found to be enriched to over 83 percent at Fordow nuclear site either. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu had called Iran's explanation "technically impossible." He complained that the agency's quote capitulation to Iranian pressure is a black stain on its record.

Israeli child killing

A two-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, has died of his wounds. On Friday, Mohammad Haytham Tamimi, was in a car along with his parents when a bullet fired by regime troops hit his head. Mohammad was taken to a hospital in Israel where he remained on life support until he was pronounced dead. The shooting happened during an Israeli raid in the village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah. The regime has stepped up crackdown against Palestinians since the formation of a new far-right cabinet under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Over 150 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks across the occupied territories so far this year including 26 children. 

Ukraine saboteurs

Ukraine is said to have developed a network of agents inside Russian soil to carry out acts of sabotage against Russian targets. According to US officials, the anti-Russia network has begun to provide the agents with drones to stage attacks. They believe the pro-Ukraine agents were behind the attack against the Kremlin in early May. American officials also believe that Ukraine has developed sabotage cells inside Russia in collaboration with the pro-Ukraine agents and trained operatives. It's not clear how Kyiv has managed to get the drones inside Russia. 

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