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Slamming anti-Iran allegations 

Iran has condemned allegations leveled against it during a meeting between the British prime minister and his Israeli counterpart in London. London says the two premiers discussed what it called Iran’s destabilizing activity and the risk posed by its nuclear program. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman described the allegations as brazen, saying Iran is an anchor of stability in the West Asia region. Nasser Kanaani said the claims are also ironic given that they come from London and Tel Aviv. He said Israel’s survival depends on occupation and daily crimes while the regime refuses to join the NPT despite possessing an atomic arsenal. Kanaani added that the impacts of Britain’s seditious and warmongering policies can also be seen in every corner of the region. The Iranian spokesman stressed that London and Tel Aviv are now trying to undermine positive developments in West Asia, given their dark history in the region.

India's politics 

In India, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is once again facing accusations of undermining the country’s democracy. This is after key opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi, was expelled from parliament after being convicted of defamation for a 2019 campaign trail remark seen as an insult to Modi. However, he blames the expulsion on his demands for a probe into Gautam Adani, one of India’s most powerful industrialists and Modi’s close business partner. Gandhi says he will continue to ask Modi questions about the partnership. In recent years, Modi has taken several measures seen as contrary to India’s democratic values. Those include rewriting election rules in the government’s favor, assailing the rights of the Muslim minority, jailing anti-government protesters, and reining in the free press. 

Putin arrest warrant 

Russia’s parliament speaker has proposed banning the International Criminal Court on the country’s soil. It comes after the Hague-based court issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin. Vyacheslav Volodin said punitive measures should be taken against anybody assisting and supporting the ICC in Russia. The court issued the arrest warrant earlier last week, accusing Putin of committing war crimes by allegedly deporting hundreds of children from Ukraine. Russia has warned against any attempt to apprehend Putin, saying it would be tantamount to declaring war. It has described the ICC warrant as legally void and null since Russia is not a signatory to the treaty that created the court.

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