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Iran's advisory role in Syria 

Iran says any change in the state of its military advisory presence in Syria depends on the situation in the war-ravaged country. The head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations made the remark when asked about any plans by the country to leave Syria. Kamal Kharrazi stressed that Iran’s advisory presence is at the request of the Syrian government to help it fight terrorist groups like Daesh. Kharrazi contrasted this with the presence of US troops there, which has repeatedly been criticized by Damascus. Syria refers to them as occupation forces and says their deployment is a pretext to plunder its natural resources and aid terrorists. 

Expeling Israeli envoy 

The Jordanian parliament has voted in favor of expelling Israel’s ambassador to Amman. The House of Representatives almost unanimously approved the motion. The Palestinian Parliamentary Committee and a large number of MPs had submitted several proposals asking for the expulsion. The bill now requires the approval of the Senate and signing of the Jordanian king in order to be implemented. The Israeli ambassador was summoned on Monday due to what Amman called racist and extremist behavior by the regime’s finance minister. During a conference in Paris, Bezalel Smotrich denied the existence of Palestine and stood beside a map of Israeli occupied territories that included Jordan.

The war in Ukraine 

The Russian foreign minister warns the UK that providing Ukraine with shells containing depleted uranium will elevate the escalation to dangerous levels. Lavrov criticized some Western officials for dismissing the potential threats of depleted uranium shells. The top Russian diplomat said there was a spike in dangerous diseases in Yugoslavia and Iraq after NATO forces used such weapons there. On Monday, London announced plans to supply Ukrainian forces with ammunition equipped with depleted uranium. The ammo could help weapons penetrate tanks and armor more easily. Following the announcement, the Kremlin warned of a nuclear collision between Russia and the West if the UK goes ahead with the decision. Britain's Foreign Secretary, however, has defended the plan, downplaying a potential nuclear escalation in the Russia-Ukraine war.

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