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Anti-Israeli Palestinian armed Operations, retaliation for Jenin

Anti Israeli Sentiments on the rise.

The situation in Israeli occupied East Al-Quds remains volatile after a number of retaliatory shooting operations took the lives of at least nine people and wounded several others.

In the latest incident, two Israelis were wounded in an operation in the Silwan neighborhood of Al-Quds on Saturday morning.

The Israeli Emergency Medical Services said one of those injured was in critical condition. The shooter, identified as a 13 year old Palestinian, was wounded.

The incident was the second Palestinian operation in Al-Quds in less than a day, On Friday, at least seven people were killed and several others wounded in a retaliatory shooting operation outside a synagogue in the Israeli occupied East Al-Quds.

Resistance movements hailed the operation.

The Al-Quds Brigades, which is the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, praised the attack as a courageous operation and said that the attack was a natural response to the Israeli occupation and the regime's crimes against Palestinians.

The Al-Quds brigades said the operation is a testament to unity among resistance groups.

Hamas also lauded the operation declaring that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will pay the price for any new mistakes that Tel Aviv might make.

 Lebanon's Hezbollah and Yemen's Ansarullah movement, also separately praised the action.

The incident on Friday followed an Israeli raid the previous day on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank during which 10 Palestinians were killed in cold blood by Israeli troops.

Thursday marked the deadliest day for the Palestinians since the start of the year. Israeli troops prevented medical teams reaching the area. Israeli forces also stormed a hospital in Jenin “unintentionally” firing tear gas towards the pediatrics department.

Elsewhere, Israeli forces demolished sports club in the refugee camp. No matter what happens in the occupied territories, it is met with the silence of the international community.

The mainstream media closed its eyes to the deadliest Israeli raid on the Palestinian community in the occupied land this year, and instead, they took the side of the Israelis in the recent tensions.

From the United States to Germany, to France, and even Ukraine, almost everyone expressed concern about the lives of Israelis during the recent violence.

The storming of the Jenin refugee camp is indicative of the regime's repressive nature when dealing with Palestinians, especially since the emergence of extremist ideologies in the Israeli cabinet.

Many argue that the current Israeli cabinet is the most extremist since its installation in occupied Palestine.

What highlights this extremism is the recent storming of the Al Aqsa mosque by the far right Israeli minister Itamar Ben-Gvir. Many brand his move as a major cause of all the recent tensions between Israelis and the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

The latest flare up of Israeli violence in the occupied West Bank brings into question the regime's motive behind such escalations. One interpretation of the current state of affairs is that the regime is set on eradicating Palestinian identity from the land.

In order to do that, what could be better than suppressing them by imposing an all out blockade on millions of Palestinians and blocking their access to the outside world?

In support of that argument it suffices to say that the Israeli cabinet is trying to deport Palestinian families, at least those who the regime deems as terrorists, from their own land, which explains why it pushes ahead with its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes.

Many are convinced that this amounts to collective punishment and ethnic cleansing.

There is no doubt that what the Israeli regime is doing now in the occupied land, in terms of demolition and other practices will definitely backfire.

What could be around the corner for the Israeli occupiers is yet another Intifada waiting to happen. After all Palestinian resistance has entered a new phase and so many young people are taking part in the operations against the Israeli regime.

Grassroots Palestinians with no affiliation to any of the resistance groups, such as The Den of Lions, are rising up against the regime. The Den of Lions is an independent armed Palestinian group operating in the Israeli occupied West Bank.

The group came into existence in August 2022 following the killing of a Palestinian man by Israeli forces.

Anti Netanyahu rallies are being held on a weekly basis with protesters not caring about what is happening to the Israelis in the occupied land, but rather taking aim at a Prime Minister who is indicted on graft charges and is willing to evade laws to do whatever he wills.

All said and done, this may culminate in a situation whereby the Israeli cabinet is torn asunder and bring about the ultimate annihilation of the illegitimate regime in Tel Aviv.

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