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Iran funeral ceremony

The Iranian capital is hosting a funeral ceremony for 200 anonymous martyrs who lost their lives during the Iraqi-imposed war of the 1980s.

Ukraine power shortage

Ukraine’s president says the situation across the eastern frontlines is deplorable as the war with Russia grinds on. Zelensky says power shortages also persist across his country with 9mn people without electricity now. Officials have introduced emergency consumption restrictions in five regions and the capital Kiev. Russia has been targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in recent weeks. Moscow says this is a response to earlier strikes by the Ukrainian military on Russian energy facilities. Both sides have stepped up their attacks on positions of each other, with each side blaming the other for targeting civilians and non-military sites.

Korean peninsula tensions

The South Korean president vows to speed up the launch of a military drone unit, a day after the country reported a border incursion by North Korean unmanned aircraft. Yoon Suk-Yeol says Seoul seeks to monitor major military facilities of the north. He says having five North Korean drones cross the border into South Korean territory shows the country’s lack of military preparedness. South Korea’s military responded to the operation by deploying fighters and firing warning shots. The development is a further escalation to ongoing tensions in the region. North Korea has test-fired a record slew of missiles over the past months, in response to joint military drills by South Korea and the US. Pyongyang says the exercises are provocative and rehearsals for an invasion.

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