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US midterm elections

The future of congress hangs in balance as it is still unclear whether democrats will be able to keep their majority in both the senate and house. No party is currently holding the lead in the senate. There are a hundred seats up for grabs and people are waiting on the fate of only four of them. In the US house, republicans have been able to secure more seats than democrats. Despite many votes having yet to come in, house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy says it is clear the republicans will take control of the house. There are 435 seats up for grabs in that chamber. A shift in power in congress would make Democratic President Joe Biden a lame duck for his remaining two years in office.

Iraq-Syria border attack

Reports coming out of the Iraq-Syria border say two tankers carrying fuel have come under attack. At least four explosions reportedly rocked the al-Ghaem border crossing early on Wednesday. Iraqi media have quoted intelligence sources as saying that the tankers were carrying Iranian fuel to Lebanon, adding the explosions left no casualties. Some local sources say the attack was a drone strike. An Iraqi source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the attack had been carried out by the Israeli regime.

Korean Peninsula tensions

North Korea has once again test-fired a ballistic missile, amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. South Korea’s military says the North fired the missile off its east coast. Japan’s Coast Guard has also confirmed the launch. Over the past several days, North Korea has fired a barrage of missiles in response to the largest ever war-games by Washington and Seoul. Pyongyang considers the military exercises as a rehearsal for an invasion. Washington and Seoul, however, say they are holding the drills because the North is about to resume testing of nuclear bombs for the first time since 2017.

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