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UK anti government protests: "Britain is Broken"

UK Cost of living protest, London.

Unaffordable rents, choosing between meals and heating, and tears when the bills arrive, these are some of the issues that have drawn thousands from across England to the Capitol on a rainy day, concerned about the future, they're protesting against what they see as years of government inaction.

It has led to an untenable cost of living crisis, a squeeze on people's finances and has pushed public services to the brink of destruction.

Organized by the People's Assembly, they have named the demonstration "Britain is Broken". A name that captures the spirit of country's multiple crises.

We are going backwards. You know, we've got hungry children. We've got old people living in freezing cold flats, and it's terrible.

UK Protestor 01

I think the reason for the massive inflation is all the money that they printed through COVID 600 billion was printed during COVID, most of which ended up in the hands of rich people.

UK Protestor 02

The government blames the emergency at home on the crises abroad, such as the war in Ukraine and the global energy price hikes.

The British protesters say it's all the result of more than a decade of conservative rule, and that the time for change has come.

I want to see a general election. I don't feel like the Tory party should be able to just put people into power and especially because they are just keeping, you know, inequality, a hostile environment, they're still putting cuts into our NHS and all our social services.

So I just thought they don't really have a democratic mandate to do that. And I think it's important that the country has the right to choose who's in charge, not just the Tory party.

Ealing TUC  Demonstrator

There's no democratic arguments, despite the law, to say that we've had three prime ministers in the space of three months, in less than a quarter of a year, none of whom can offer any real solution to the problems we've got right now. And there's no excuse for that.

UK Protestor 03                                                                          

The mass demonstration comes only days after the Bank of England increased interest rates, yet again, to control double digit inflation.

The new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is announcing his economic plan later this month, which is expected to include increased taxes and cuts to public spending, meaning the outlook for ordinary Britons looks gloomier than it is now.


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