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Press TV is 15 years old, take a look at what we have done so far

Yusef Jalali

Press TV, Tehran

Iran's international English-language news network, Press TV is celebrating the 15th anniversary. Our correspondent Yusef Jalali tells us more on the history of the news network since its launch in 2007.

The voice of the voiceless has been its motto since Press TV first went on air in 2007. Now this English-language satellite channel is celebrating its 15th birthday.

Affiliated to the World Service of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Press TV is Iran's only English-language news network, reflecting some of the major developments in the world round-the-clock.

Press TV says its major goal is to become alternative voice and shed light as well as give extensive coverage of stories that are either untold and under-reported or misrepresented by mainstream western media outlets.

Press TV puts the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war as a case, where the mainstream media are engaged in sanctifying the Ukrainian army.

However, Press TV has faced an uphill task while raising the voice for the voiceless. It has been taken off air many times.

The news network was also banned by Google to operate on social media platforms, such as YouTube.

The last but not the least measure against Press TV was the seizure of its dot-com domain by no other than the FBI, spy agency of a country that claims to be an upholder of press freedom.

To unearth the truth, Press TV has also lost some of its dedicated journalists, namely Serena Shim, Maya Nasser, Habibollah Hosseinzadeh and Farhad Taqaddosi.

And as we mark the 15th birthday of Press TV, we would like to share our happiness with our fellow Press TV journalists who are no longer among us.

To challenge the narratives of the western mainstream means Press TV has to swim against the stream. This has not been easy for the past 15 years, but as long as its audiences are growing, Press TV says it will carry on giving voice to the voiceless.



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