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Assassination in Tehran

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman condemns the assassination of a member of Iran’s Revolution Guards Corps in Tehran. Saeed Khatibzadeh described the assassination as a terrorist operation and inhuman crime. He said it is regrettable to see countries claiming to be fighting terror are silent on the assassination. Meanwhile, Nour News Agency close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said the attack was a miscalculated move that crossed Iran’s red line. It warned that the masterminds and agents behind the attack would pay a heavy price. Earlier the IRGC said one of its member Colonel Sayyad Khodayee was killed in his car in front of his home in eastern Tehran. He was shot five times by two motorcyclists around 4 PM local time on Sunday. The force says it has taken necessary measures to identify and arrest those behind the killing.

Palestinian prisoners plight

Six Palestinians who escaped from a high-security Israeli prison last year are given an additional five-year jail term. Israeli authorities have also levied fines on the inmates for jailbreak. They are already serving life sentences for alleged anti-Israeli attacks. The six managed to escape from the heavily guarded Gilboa prison on September 6, 2021 by digging a tunnel through their cell’s drainage system. Israel launched a massive manhunt which ended in the capture of all six prisoners some 10 days later. Palestinians hailed the escapees as heroes in the struggle for the Palestinian statehood.

Tunisia’s political turmoil

Tunisia's main opposition party Ennahda has rejected President Kais Saied's decision to form an advisory committee to draft a new constitution. The party said the measure was a complete deviation from constitutional legitimacy. It added that a referendum on the matter would lack credibility because the country’s legislature had been dissolved by the president. Ennahda called on other parties to unify efforts to restore democracy and save the country from the dangers of economic collapse. On Friday, Saied named a law professor to head the advisory committee that will draft a new constitution. The committee will submit its report to the president in late June. Tunisia has been in a deep political crisis since June 2021, when Saied dismissed the government, suspended parliament, and assumed executive authority. The move was decried by opponents as a “coup.”

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