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Capitol attack anniversary

January 6, 2021 marks a dark day in US history. Thousands of people supporting former president, Donald Trump, stormed the capitol building in a bid to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Now, a year after the riots, Americans have been sharing their thoughts on the incident and its indication for the country’s unity.

Biden attacks Trump

US President Joe Biden accuses his predecessor Donald Trump of spreading lies to overturn his 2020 election defeat. Biden made the remarks as he marked the first anniversary of the deadly attack by Trump’s supporters on the congress building. Speaking at the scene of the January 6 riots, Biden accused Trump of posing a continuing threat to American democracy. He noted that Trump was the first president in US history who tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump immediately issued a statement in response, accusing Biden of trying to further divide America.

Kazakhstan unrest

In Kazakhstan, security forces use of force to disperse protesters on the fifth day of a deadly unrest triggered by soaring fuel prices. Reports say soldiers have opened fire on protesters and cars on the main square of the largest city, Almaty. Security officials say dozens of people were killed in clashes with police, as they attempted to storm government buildings. According to officials, nearly 2,300 people have also been arrested. They also say a total of 18 police officers have been killed and around 750 others injured in the violence. Protesters say the rise in fuel prices is unfair given Kazakhstan's vast energy reserves. In response, the government has set limits on the prices for six months, but street protests continue unabated.

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