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Saudi Yemen blockade

The Yemen Petroleum Company says the Saudi-led coalition has seized yet another fuel ship heading for the country’s Hudaydah port. The company says this is the fifth fuel ship that has been detained by the coalition despite having UN clearance to enter Yemeni ports. Riyadh has not commented yet on the seizure of the Yemen-bound ship. Hudaydah is a key entry point for much-needed aid supplies to Yemen. Saudi Arabia that waged a war on Yemen in 2015 has also imposed an all-out blockade on Yemen, disrupting the flow of vital goods like food, fuel and medicine. The blockade has caused a severe fuel crisis, disrupting essential health services. The seizure of the vessel comes just days after Yemeni forces captured a UAE-flagged cargo ship in the Red Sea. A footage later released showed the ship was laden with military equipment and vehicles.

In honor of Soleimani

The Iraqi president hails Iran’s national hero, late Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, for his valuable contributions to the uprooting of terrorists in the region. Barham Salih says General Soleimani stood up for the people of Iraq when they were being brutally victimized by Daesh terrorists. Earlier today, Salih and several high-profile current and former Iraqi officials attended an event in Baghdad to honor General Soleimani, and senior Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Iraq’s defense minister, Juma Inad, also addressed the event. He said the two personalities had the most pivotal role in the fight against Daesh. Both commanders lost their lives in a US drone strike near Baghdad two years ago. 

Kazakhstan protests

Ongoing unrest in Kazakhstan over an energy price hike is far from over, even after protests resulted in the resignation of the government. The protesters have set fire to the mayor’s office and stormed other political offices in Almaty. Similar protests are also taking place in other provinces. The Kazakh president says he will act as tough as possible on those who break the law. He has already ordered to reinstate energy price caps, but that has failed to appease the people on the streets. The unrest started on Sunday after the government almost doubled fuel prices. More than 200 protesters have been detained so far. Russia has also reacted to the unrest, warning against any outside interference in the Central Asian nation.

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