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Tehran's Afghanistan conference 

A one-day conference of Afghan Neighbors is underway and the foreign ministers of six neighboring states, plus Russia, are attending the event. Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made the opening speech. He called on the participants to throw their weight behind an all-inclusive government in Afghanistan. He said the current problems are the outcome of years of US disastrous conduct in Afghanistan. UN chief Antonio Guterres has also virtually addressed the conference. He called for a unified approach towards the Afghan crisis. Top diplomats from Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, namely China, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, in addition to Russia, have all delivered speeches. They're demanding international cooperation for bringing stability to the country and safeguarding the rights of Afghan people.

Turkey's Syria presence 

Turkey has sent 200 military vehicles to the Syrian northwestern province of Idlib a day after its parliament extended a military mandate to launch cross border operations in Syria and Iraq. The two-batched convoy is said to be loaded with weapons. Ankara has cited increasing conflicts near its southern border as the reason behind the parliament decision. The motion allows the Turkish military to carry out operations against groups Ankara deems as terrorist organizations. That includes Kurdish militias in the restive region. Syria and Iraq are both strongly against the presence of Turkish troops on their soil. They say Ankara’s move violates the two countries’ sovereignty and territorial integrity. The operations have even strained Ankara’s relations with Damascus and Baghdad.

'Taiwan has no right to join UN' 

Fury and reaction coming out of Beijing as Washington steps up efforts to include Taiwan in the United Nations. The Chinese government objects, saying the issue is simply out of the question, because the self-ruling island is part of China. The UN is composed of sovereign states, Beijing says, adding the People's Republic of China is the only legal government representing the whole of China. The Taiwan Affairs Office is advising Taipei against relying on Washington for independence. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has criticized Taiwan’s exclusion from the UN, urging member states to support the island's inclusion in the international body. Taiwan was formally expelled from the UN by a resolution of the General Assembly in 1971. The resolution recognizes the representative of the Beijing government as China’s only legitimate representative to the UN.



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