Yanks Go Home

This week we'’re taking a look at one nation’s ability to blow two trillion dollars to achieve absolutely nothing! Yes, in one of the biggest financial and military own goals in history, the US Government has managed to spend 10 times the entire annual Gross Domestic Product of New Zealand on a war in Afghanistan that has got them right back to where they started.

Now, here'’s my question. Why is the whole world is talking about the "return" of the Taliban? The problem is they can’t return – because they never left! If they had ever gone outside Afghanistan the point about a return might make some sense. But instead, what they'’re actually doing is just taking back some small pockets briefly occupied by the American troops over the past 20 years.

If you divide the cost by the surface area actually held by the Americans, it would have been cheaper for the US military to buy Manhattan! And more fun. Because, as I keep saying, even after two trillion Dollars, Afghanistan still has no MacDonald’s!

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