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Israel Gaza attack

Israeli army has carried out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, hitting areas south of Gaza City. No casualties have been reported so far. Tel Aviv claims the air raid was in response to Palestinians sending incendiary balloons toward the occupied territories. The strike follows Israel’s eleven-day aggression against Gaza in May. The conflict ended on May 21st after a ceasefire. Nearly 260 Palestinians, half of them women and children, were killed. Palestinians fired thousands of rockets into Israel in response, killing a dozen people.

Response to US attacks

The spokesman for Iraq’s al-Nujaba Resistance Movement tells PRESS TV that Iraqi resistance forces are capable of retaliating against the recent US attack on the country’s Popular Mobilization Units. Shammari said the recent US attack was a terrorist act. The spokesman urged the United States to withdraw its troops from the country. He noted that the presence of American forces in Iraq is illegal. Last year, Iraqi lawmakers unanimously passed a bill mandating the expulsion of all foreign troops from the country. The spokesman also called on the Iraqi government to take a stronger position against US attacks on PMU forces.

Bahrain political prisoners

Bahrain’s main opposition group has called for the immediate release of all political inmates kept in the Al-Khalifa regime's prisons. In a statement issued on Thursday, the al-Wefaq National Islamic Society noted that the rift between the Manama regime and the people of Bahrain is deep. The group slammed the Al-Khalifah regime for using violence against the pro-democracy campaign in the country. It stressed that the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly form the backbone of public demands. Al-Wefaq also demanded the release of former Bahraini lawmaker Osama al-Tamimi and stressed the need to provide all medical requirements and humanitarian needs for the political prisoner. Bahrain has come under pressure from human rights organizations over prison conditions, including overcrowding, poor sanitation, and lack of medical care.

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