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US attack on media

The United States government has seized around three dozen websites belonging to Iranian and regional news outlets, including Press TV. US media have quoted unnamed government sources as saying that the Justice Department is preparing a statement on the issue. Viewers trying to access the websites see a message showing the domains are seized by the US government. The statement cites US sanctions laws for the seizure. The websites of Iran’s al-Alam and Yemen’s al-Masirah TV Channels are among the targeted outlets. Press TV has announced that its website will be available on .IR domain.

Defending al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas warns Israel against the continued blockade of the Gaza Strip and any hindrance to reconstruction efforts in the war-torn enclave. This came in a statement following a meeting of Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza. Hamas hailed the resistance of Palestinians in the occupied West bank, particularly the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, against Israel’s land grab policies. The movement vowed continued support for defenders of Jerusalem al-Quds and the al-Aqsa Mosque, calling on Palestinian protesters to engage the whole West bank in the struggle. Hamas said it is ready for all possible options and that the enemy will not be able to silence the Palestinians or hold them to ransom.

US border policy fallout

A human rights group says thousands of migrants stranded in Mexico due to a US border policy have been kidnapped, raped, trafficked or assaulted. This is according to Human Rights First, a New York-based group that documents cases of migrants and asylum seekers stuck in Mexico since President Joe Biden took office in January. It says the number of cases has recently hiked from some 500 such incidents logged in April to 3,300 by mid-June. During Biden's five-month tenure, more than 400,000 migrants detained at or near the border have been expelled. The Biden administration argues the move is aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus despite opposition from health experts.

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