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Countdown to full pullout begins as 1st batch of US military leaves Afghanistan

Amin Alemi
Press TV, Kabul

US-led NATO forces are spending their last months in Afghanistan and this is good news for most American soldiers.

They will finally witness the end of their mission in a country historically known as the graveyard of empires!

This is while the US war in Afghanistan has so far claimed the lives of 90 thousand US-led NATO troops and Afghan armed forces.

However, military top brass in Kabul insist that there is zero chance of victory for the Taliban through militarism despite the start of foreign troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan on Saturday.

This is because the Afghan government is now strong enough to counter terrorist groups on its own and also enjoys high popularity among locals.

In the meantime, the Taliban have not welcomed the troop pullout by Washington, saying the US had agreed to withdraw all foreign military forces from Afghanistan by May the first.

This has paved the way for the Taliban to legitimize their acts of violence beyond Mat the first. Under such circumstances, civilians will once again turn into the main victims of violence in the war-weary country.

The Taliban have vowed to “take any possible action” because of what they call the violation of the Doha agreement by Washington, that is, the delay in the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan. However, what remains to be a bitter truth is that not many players seem to be ready to truly help Afghans see a day when there is no war and insecurity in their wounded homeland.

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