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Trump using violent Nazi tactics to win reelection: Analyst

Portland police arrest a protester during a crowd dispersal at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center on September 18, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. (By AFP)

US President Donald Trump is employing violent Nazi tactics to nullify the 2020 presidential election that he will likely lose, says Myles Hoenig, a political analyst and activist in Baltimore, Maryland.

Hoenig, a former Green Party candidate for Congress, pointed out that Trump was now counting on the white supremacist mob to secure a second term in office.

In an interview with Press TV on Saturday, Hoenig warned that Trump's reelection bid was endangering the American nation, laying the groundwork for a violent “bloody” November.

“There is a real possibility that the streets of America will be like so many others in other countries -- democratic and authoritarian -- before elections: bloody,” he said.

Hoenig pointed out that for the first time the FBI had openly acknowledged that domestic terrorism in the US was “caused by right wing, white supremacist groups, with a smattering of left involvement.”

“The right wing has always been instigators of potential violent behavior at the polls, with extremist poll watchers making attempts to disenfranchise black voters right at the polling places by challenging them, as well as doing their utmost legally in advance to prevent voting. This year, thousands of people are expected to be at the polls creating havoc, fear, and intimidation, all in support of the most openly authoritarian president we have ever had,” he said.

Hoenig noted that Trump planned to remain in power by either rigging the election result in his favor, or nullifying it if he loses the vote.

“The Trump administration is trying to out-Goebbels Goebbels [Nazi official] in his attempt to rig the elections and nullify its results,” he said.

Hoenig said Trump will implement his reelection plan by employing violent Nazi tactics and accusing his rival, Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, of election fraud.

“By calling on his thugs and brown shirts, he’s succeeding in spreading enough confusion that enough people will believe that if he were to lose, it was due to Democratic rigging and extreme left intimidation, which doesn’t exist in this country to any measurable extent. The fact that he even refers to Biden being aligned with the radical left is right out of Hitler’s playbook in using the Big Lie,” he noted.

Hoenig said Trump was using “Nazi-style propaganda” to re-write the horrific racist past in the United States. 

“[H]e is attempting to re-write history by white-washing the horrors of slavery and white supremacist policies going back to the beginning of our nation.... Again, he is using Nazi-style propaganda to create a them-versus-us mentality, which is often done, even during our elections, but this level of fabrication is astounding,” he said.

The analyst criticized Trump for stoking racial violence in  US society.

“Trump is sitting on the proverbial powder keg and is gleefully stockpiling matches. He’s always wanted to be a war president and his wish is likely to come true as he wages war on the American people,” he noted.

The FBI has warned of “combustible violence” on US streets ahead of the November presidential election, as tensions have recently increased between far-right extremists and anti-racism protesters holding nationwide demonstrations following the police killing of African American George Floyd in May.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told a congressional hearing on Thursday that the bureau was deeply concerned about likely clashes between extremist groups and pro-justice protesters, which have recently faced off in street rallies in Portland, Rochester and Kenosha.

"Now you've got an additional level of combustible violence," Wray said.

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