Google should be taken to court for ‘tyrannical’ censorship of Press TV: Analyst

Scott Bennett speaking to Press TV on Google's censorship of the network's YouTube channel.

Google and all other media companies that are actively censoring news networks like Press TV need to be taken to court for their “tyrannical” practices that target people’s right to truth, says an American political commentator and psychological warfare expert.

Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, said that Google’s recent move in banning the YouTube and email accounts of Press TV and Hispan TV was proof that the company was part of the ongoing US war against independent media outlets around the world.

“The fact that Press TV has had its YouTube account unexplainedly canceled without any provocation, without any action whatsoever, is a sign of a wider information war that is currently happening in the United States and the West in general,” he said.

“Washington is [where] the larger Zionist-controlled media industry is and big companies and corporations that are controlled by the CIA and a lot of Democrat operatives, including Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are launching a shutdown of media that tells the truth,” Bennett added.

Google blocked Press TV’s accounts because it was providing its American and international audiences with the unfiltered news from the United States and around the world, the analyst noted.

The former US Army psychological warfare officer said the move by Google needed to be prosecuted in court.

“It is unprecedented, it is a violation of every principle of a free press and indeed a free society and a free consciousness,” the analyst added. “So this is an outrage and it should be immediately prosecuted in court for a conspiracy to violate various constitutional principles as well as violate the American people themselves by denying them the truth.”

Bennett said he had also experienced first-hand Google’s censorship after the company shut down his personal YouTube and Google accounts over his appearances on the Iranian news outlet.

Bennett, a whistleblower who has been speaking up against America’s funding of Daesh and other terrorist groups over the past few years, is one of the many political activists and commentators who have been deplatformed by media monopolies such as Google.

“I would add other whistleblowers and media voices such as Dr. James Fetzer, who also appears on Press TV; Dr. Kevin Barrett and many many others who have had their Google and YouTube accounts shut down, their Facebook accounts shut down, because we are appearing on Press TV the only voice for truth that really is awakening Americans to the real civil war that is happening in their country.”

“So this is not something turn away from,” he said. “This is something that every American and every European and indeed every person in the world who believes in truth and freedom needs to rise up and declare their outrage against these media companies.”

Bennett called for class action lawsuits to overthrow the “tyranny” that Google and other media giants have formed to shut down voices of liberty and journalist accountability.

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