US President Donald Trump announces his decision on the Iran nuclear deal in the Diplomatic Reception Room at the White House in Washington, DC, on May 8, 2018. (Photo by AFP)

Here is a brief look at Press TV Newsroom's headlines from 09:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT, May 11, 2018.


Denouncing US Iran move

Leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Turkey once again speak out against the US decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Slamming Israeli aggression

Iran has strongly condemned Israel’s attacks on Syrian soil as a clear violation of the country’s sovereignty. Iran’s Foreign Ministry says Israel is using made-up excuses to undermine Syria’s government. Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi says the airstrikes are a clear violation of international law. Meanwhile, the European Union has called for restraint following the airstrikes. The bloc says all those involved in the escalation of tensions should prevent undermining regional stability. Israel claims it carried out air raids against Iranian military installations on Syrian soil after rockets were launched at the occupied Golan Heights. Damascus says Israel’s attacks signal the beginning of a new phase of aggression against Syria. Three people were killed and several others injured in the attacks.

Iraq elections

In Iraq, campaigning has ended as the country prepares for its upcoming parliamentary elections set for May 12. On Thursday, 260 voting stations were opened across Iraq for members of the defense and interior ministries as well as security forces. Over 850,000 Iraqi expatriates living in 21 foreign countries also went to the polls on Thursday. They can also cast their ballots on Friday. It will be Iraq’s fourth parliamentary and provincial assembly poll since the ouster of long-time dictator Saddam Hussein in 2003 and the first election since the country managed to clear almost entire cities and towns of Daesh.

Denouncing US threats

Iranians hold nationwide rallies to express their resentment against the US threats against Iran and Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. The demonstrations were held after Friday prayers. The move came after US President Donald Trump announced his decision to scuttle the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and the P5+1 group of countries on Tuesday. Iran has slammed the US move to leave the nuclear deal as a psychological war, saying Washington reneged on an international deal. Iran says Tehran will negotiate with other signatories to the accord to see if it can remain in place.

Gaza anti-Israeli protests

Palestinians are joining another rally along the so-called buffer zone dividing the Gaza Strip from the Israeli-occupied territories. The rally is being held for the seventh consecutive Friday and as part of the Great March of Return. Palestinian medical workers say Israeli troops have shot and wounded a protester during this week’s rally. The weekly protests will continue until the Nakba Day on May 15 which marks the anniversary of the forcible eviction of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland in 1948. Israel has sent military reinforcements to the site of the protests. The regime's deadly crackdown has killed nearly 50 Palestinians since the protests began on March 30. Thousands have also been injured during the clashes.

Taliban attack

Taliban militants have attacked bases in the western Afghan province of Farah, killing dozens of police. According to a local official, in one attack, the militants stormed a police base overnight in the district of Balabuluk, killing at least 23. The official says Taliban killed 11 police in a separate attack in the city of Farah. In recent months, fighting has been intense in many areas across Afghanistan, including Farah province. In 2003, the United States and its allies attacked Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban regime. Some 17 years on, security remains elusive in the country where attacks by the Taliban are common. The militants challenge government control in about half of Afghanistan.

Iran nuclear deal

Leaders of Russia and Germany throw their weight behind the Iran nuclear deal following the US decision to pull out of it unilaterally. In a phone call, President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed their commitment to preserving the accord. The two leaders also highlighted the importance of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in light of international and regional stability. Putin has previously voiced deep concern at the US decision, while Merkel has pledged to keep Iran in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal. The Russian president also discussed the situation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan earlier on Friday. The two criticized US President Donald Trump’s decision as wrong.

Saudi war on Yemen

The United Nations says April has been the deadliest month for Yemeni civilians this year, with the Saudi-led coalition causing most of the casualties. The spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights Office says the recent Saudi attacks against densely populated areas raise serious doubts about respect for international humanitarian law. Ravina Shamdasani says the UN is deeply concerned about the sharp rise in civilian casualties. The UN has documented some 6,400 civilian deaths in Yemen over the past three years. The vast majority of the fatalities have been caused by airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition. In 2015, the Saudis waged a devastating war on Yemen to reinstate former President Abd Rabuh Mansur Hadi. The military campaign has reduced much of Yemen’s infrastructure to rubble.

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