New wave of Islamophobia with Trump in office

A group of Muslim protesters gather during a rally against the travel ban at San Diego International Airport on March 6, 2017 in San Diego, California. (AFP)

This edition of the program is about Trump’s Muslim ban and threats to Islam.

It discusses that this isn’t a new threat. In fact, Trump’s predecessors already posed this very threat to the Muslims. The way to deal with it is standing together as a whole Muslim community.

Amid an atmosphere of overwhelming chaos, the early days of Trump’s reign have made clear that Islam is Public Enemy number one. It serves as the centerpiece of Steve Bannon’s ethno-nationalist agenda and has fuelled a new wave of Islamophobia. Muslims in America and outside of it are fearful of how his presidency will impact on them. Is Islam under threat in Donald Trump's presidency?

Donald Trump’s Muslim ban is a racist, Islamophobic and a state-sponsored provocation which flies in the face of America’s self-proclaimed values of freedom and equality. It has further diminished America’s reputation in the eyes of Muslims all over the world who already have major misgivings about American foreign policy. And it plays straight into the narrative of groups like Daesh who tell Muslims that the West hates them for their religion and who they are.


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