Positive life in light of Islam

The file photo shows a man reading the holy Qur'an in the Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid, Spain. (Photo by AFP)

This edition of the program Islam and Life is about how Islam can lead us to a happy and meaningful life. It discusses that happiness isn’t what you have, but who you are in life. It can be achieved by having consistence with God and your principle.

Human beings were created ultimately for happiness, joy, peace and prosperity. And Islam is the means by which we can attain this joy, satisfaction, eternal bliss and serenity. However, many of us mistakenly think that Paradise can only be earned through suffering, misery and unhappiness in this life. So on this edition of Islam and Life we ask: How can Islam lead us to a meaningful, positive and fulfilling life?

Islam is the middle path and the perfect balance between this life and the next one. Although the next life is our ultimate destination Islam teaches us not to neglect the world in which we currently live and our responsibilities in it.

We are all tested in our lives and the best of us are tested more than others, but if we live in accordance with the Divine Will and learn to accept His Decree – whether for good or for bad – we can find true contentment in this world.


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