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Europe terror attacks part of Islamophobia campaign: Analyst

Belgian servicemen stand guard as people gather at the makeshift memorial on the Place de la Bourse Square, in Brussels, on March 27, 2016 to pay tribute to the victims of the Brussels terror attacks. (AFP photo)

Press TV has interviewed Kevin Barrett, editor of Veterans Today in Madison, to discuss the bomb attacks that rocked the Belgian capital city of Brussels last week.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: This again is a reflection of how some of the policies that Europe sort of went along with on in terms of the US offensive and at this point years of war against Syria and of course Iraq prior to that to have resulted in a blowback and now Europe is experiencing this. In terms of what is happening in Brussels, do you think that the situation is going to get worse given the threat that they are going to keep experiencing based on reports that there are 400 of these fighters who have been trained by the Daesh, ISIL terrorists?

Barrett: Well yes, I think that we may be in for a long wave of these kinds of incidents that was predicted by Sheikh Imran Hosein in his essay in a book called Another French False Flag. Sheikh Imran Hosein one of the world’s leading Islamic scholars believes that the number of actual Daesh brainwashed mercenary terrorists now has reached the point that the people who organize these false flag terrorist attacks will no longer have to use the well-trained white paramilitary specialists, the kind of people that blew up the World Trade Center on September 11th, the kind of people who slaughtered the folks in the Charlie Hebdo office, the three large white paramilitaries who carried out the false flag attack in San Bernardino that was falsely blamed on a Muslim couple, the people who carried out the Paris attacks last November and indeed those who orchestrated the Brussels attacks, clearly this was an inside job.

It is no coincidence that the Brussels airport is under the control of ICTS, an Israeli Shin Bet founded security company that has been responsible for almost all of the big false flag terror incidents. They controlled the airports on 9/11 and participated in the murder of 3,000 Americans on 9/11, they controlled security for the underwear bomber at the airport in Amsterdam. They escorted him; a well-dressed man presumably from ICTS escorted the underwear bomber Abdulmutallab onto the plane. This was witnessed by passengers including Kurt Haskell.

So these events are part of a Gladio B program, a false flag terror organized by NATO and Israel in order to whip up hatred against Muslims. We are seeing this Islamophobia ... the fascists demonstrating in Brussels right now but unfortunately the Daesh terrorists who actually brainwash mercenaries and dupes do exist and they are being used by the Israelis and the NATO false flag terrorists to wreak havoc in Europe and I do not think it is going to stop any time soon.

Press TV: So when you talk about that that means that this is going to spread. I am guessing that one of the destinations that perhaps they are going to target is Italy because that has been from at least a year ago mentioned as it to be one of the destinations of targets of the Daesh terrorists. Are we looking at Europe getting engulfed in this situation?

Barrett: Yes, it is just like during Operation Gladio A, the original Operation Gladio during the Cold War when NATO and its assets terrorized Europe, blowing people up, mass shootings, attempted assassination of the Pope, the kidnapping of Aldo Moro, the so-called Red Brigades ... This was all orchestrated by NATO, it was blamed falsely on leftists and it happened all over Europe. The same thing is happening today only they are blaming it on Muslims instead of leftists.

So I would be very surprised if there were not a series of similar attacks in other European countries. They may go after the Pope again just like they did during Operation Gladio, that would not surprise me at all in an attempt to whip up tension between the religions. Remember Italy was a big center of the Gladio terrorism during the Cold War and it is kind of surprising it has not been hit ... So yes, I think you are right. I would say Italy is probably high on the list of places that these false flag operation Gladio B terrorists are going to hit and then try to blame it on Islam in their public relations’ push to whip up Islamophobia on behalf of Israel.  

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