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US on brink of thermonuclear war with China, Russia: Commentator

This photo shows a flight test of the THAAD missile system at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) in Hawaii, on October 5, 2011. © AFP

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mike Billington, with Executive Intelligence Review, from Leesburg, to discuss the US plan for deployment of THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile system to the Korean Peninsula. 

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: When US Secretary of State John Kerry calls for demilitarization of occupied features of the South China Sea, does he also mean that when that demilitarization does occur the US will also move away its military installation away from the South China Sea area?

Billington: No, of course not. First of all let me say I don’t think John Kerry believes what he is saying. He sometimes has voiced the orders from his boss. Sometimes behind the scenes he is making much more senses, he does with Foreign Minister Lavrov in Russia. But, nonetheless this is the Obama policy and the idea that China is militarizing the South China Sea is of course ludicrous. These SAM missiles they have discovered recently are defenses that have been in these islands for thirty or forty years and they have always known they were there. And of course all the other countries that have occupied islands have defenses. But that is not the point. The point is that we are on the brink of a thermonuclear war with Russia and China. The general collapse of the Western financial system now sweeping through the European banks and about to hit Wall Street has driven Obama and his British Wall Street controllers to insanity and I mean insanity. The British Empire is threatened with being destroyed once and for all. What Putin has done in Syria has demonstrated that you can defeat terrorism if you defeat the imperial policy of trying to carry out regime change against the regimes that do not follow the dictates from London and New York.

As a result he has turned to Asia and we are now facing a massive escalation of the most advanced US controlled military strategic forces in history along China’s border not only in the South China Sea where they are occupying a half of dozens bases with advanced air, sea, and land power but as you know also they are using the excuse of the North Korean nuclear test and lunching of a satellite to deploy THAAD missiles and B-52 bombers and raptor jets. Again, the most advanced military strategic forces in and around China which Chinese have identified quite publicly.

Press TV: Are you then saying that the US government sees its advantage lying in stoking tensions with China?

Billington: They are more than stoking tensions. They are going for a war. The policy is that Russia and China must back down from the policy they have implemented through the BRICS, through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, through basically creating a new paradigm in the world as a whole to counter the bestial anti-growth, anti-science policies dominating Europe and the United States if created through the BRICS, through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a policy of developing nations throughout Asia, Africa, and South America. This is a severe threat to the power of the bankrupt financial interests in the West. They are committed to force Putin and Xi Jinping to back down which they will not which means as many of our military intelligence and diplomatic core acknowledged Obama’s policy is driving us to the brink of thermonuclear war far more serious than the Cuba missile crisis and yet the American people are sleep walking into war with a Congress which is cowardly and a presidency which is insane.  

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