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Italians hold pro-Palestine rallies

Pro Palestine March in Rome

Rome, Milan, and Messina are among the Italian cities hosting rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians this weekend.

On Saturday, in the Italian capital, Palestinian students organized a rally entitled "Stop the Genocide" to protest against the ongoing US-Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Weekend after weekend, hundreds of pro-Palestine protests have been held across Italy for over eight months.

What has kept us going over the past month is also the great desire for a change here in Italy. We lack opportunities, social justice, that's why we feel connected to the Palestinian struggle.

Protester 01

Protesters say now is not the time to ease the pressure against Israel as the Zionists are counting on people's fatigue and are waiting for their resolve to weaken.

The more we keep receiving awful news from West Asia, Ukraine, and the rest of the world, the more we have to take to the streets and have our say.

Protester 02

People at the rally are saying that amid the death and devastation that has been unleashed by Israel against Gaza since October last year, the thing that perhaps hurts Palestinians the most is the inaction of some of their Muslim brethren in West Asia.

Protesters believe that the silence, and at times complicity, of certain Arab countries is disheartening.

For over eight months, we've been staging protests against the complicity in the genocide of the Palestinians of the international community, of the west, of Italy.

It is now time to also point the finger at some Arab countries that have only paid lip service to supporting Palestine and have done nothing to concretely help us.

Why is Egypt still blocking humanitarian aid at the Rafah crossing?

Maya Issa, Palestinian Student Collective

Some protesters argued that exports to Israel from Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, have surged in 2024 compared to the previous year, despite Tel Aviv's genocidal war on Gaza.

Egypt, UAE, Jordan exports to Israel rise despite war on Gaza


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