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Pro-Palestinian protesters occupy Israeli consulate in San Francisco

A pro-Palestinian protester is seen holding up a banner in front of the Israeli consulate in San Francisco on June 3, 2024.

Scores of pro-Palestinian Americans have occupied the Israeli consulate in San Francisco, protesting against the occupying regime’s ongoing genocidal war on the Gaza Strip and the US’s complicity in the brutal military onslaught.

Around 60 protesters occupied the building on Monday and were arrested by the police a few hours later.

The protest prompted the law enforcement to block off the entrance to the building and an adjacent street.

“In a sense, we’re occupying the occupier’s space,” said Sara, a 54-year-old Bay Area resident, who partook in the protest.

“We’re doing that because we are part of the growing masses of people who are demanding an end to the genocide and who are in solidarity with Palestine and very concerned about the complicity of particularly the United States government with the genocide that’s happening,” she added.

“So at this point we’ve marched, we’ve occupied,” said Margot, another protester, adding, “The consulate is a place that represents what we need to keep pushing back on. Ultimately, Israel is making these decisions with US backing and we have to disrupt wherever we can.”‌

More than 36,470 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in the war that began following a retaliatory operation staged by Gaza’s resistance movements.

The United States has been providing the regime with thousands of tons of military equipment since the onset of the war.

It has also cast its veto against several United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for implementation of an immediate ceasefire in the Israeli onslaught.

Across the United States, dozens of universities have, meanwhile, been witnessing demonstrations and setting up of encampments in protest at the war and Washington’s support for it.

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