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Feb. 19: ‘Axis of Resistance’ operations against Israeli occupation

​​​​​​​By Press TV Website Staff

Amid Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, which has killed more than 29,000 Palestinians so far, including at least 13,000 children, resistance groups in Palestine and across the region continue their operations against the Tel Aviv regime and its Western backers.

The operations carried out by the Palestinian and regional resistance groups on Monday, February 19, are as follows:

Qassam Brigades' operations on Feb. 19:

  • Engaged in fierce clashes with Israeli troops in southern Gaza's Khan Younis, dispelling the claim that Hamas' military wing has been defeated there.
  • Sniped at least two Israeli soldiers and engaged in clashes with their infantry force west of Khan Younis city, causing casualties.
  • Targeted an Israeli infantry force of 15 officers and soldiers, holed up inside a house west of Khan Younis city, with anti-armor and anti-personnel RPG shells, resulting in casualties. 
  • In a joint operation with the Al-Mujahideen Brigades, targeted an Israeli military Hermes-900 drone with a SAM-7 shell southwest of Gaza City.

Al-Quds Brigades' operations on Feb. 19:

  • Shelled Israeli forces in the "Netzarim" area northeast of Gaza with a 107mm rocket barrage.

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades' operations on Feb. 19:

  • Engaged in fierce clashes with Israeli soldiers with their vehicles using machine guns and RPGs in the western axis of Khan Younis city, southern Gaza. 

Hezbollah's operations on Feb. 19:

Eastern sector:

  • At around 16:15 local time, the Ramta site in Shebaa was targeted with missiles.
  • At around 16:25 local time, the Al-Sammaqa site in Shebaa was targeted with missiles.

Western sector:

  • At around 15:45 local time, the Birkat Risha site was targeted with appropriate weapons.

Yemeni military's operations on Feb. 19:

  • Targeted two US ships 'Sea Champion' and 'Navis Fortuna', heading toward occupied territories, in the Gulf of Aden.
  • Targeted a British ship with anti-ship missiles in the Red Sea, causing it to sink completely.
  • Shot down a sophisticated US MQ-9 drone in the skies of Hodeidah with an appropriate missile.

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