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Exposed: 100 days of Israeli genocide in Gaza and 100 lies peddled by regime

By Humaira Ahad

Since October 7, when the Israeli regime launched its genocidal war on Gaza, the regime and its media as well as their Western apologists have weaponized lies and propaganda against Palestinians.

Over the past 100 days, from “beheading of babies” to “Hamas headquarters” under the Gaza hospitals, the Israeli regime has employed hundreds of lies to justify its unchecked aggression.

Even at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) hearing last week, the Israeli lawyers resorted to flagrant lies to whitewash the regime’s crimes committed in the besieged coastal territory.

Here is the compilation of 100 Israeli lies that characterized the first 100 days of its war on Gaza, all of them already debunked and exposed.

1 - Hamas beheaded babies near Israel’s southern border with Gaza on October 7.


2- Hamas fighters laughed and were jubilant after murdering babies, children and settlers.


3- Israeli girls were taken as sex slaves by Hamas fighters.


4- Hamas fighters went door-to-door to hunt down Israeli settlers.


5- Hamas fighters were instructed to pull out organs from people’s bodies and to behead people. Conversely, this is what the regime has been doing with Palestinians.


6- The use of white phosphorus shells in Gaza and Lebanon is “unequivocally false.”


7- Hamas fighters raped Israeli women during its attack on October 7.


8- Hamas entered the homes of Israeli civilians, kidnaped, raped, butchered and burnt their babies.


9- The whole family of an Israeli farmer was reduced to ashes by Hamas on October 7.


10- An Israeli woman’s body was paraded by Hamas as a trophy.  


11- Hamas came with a genocidal intent to kill innocent Jews, and if they could, they would have killed everyone.


12- The attack on a civilian convoy fleeing Gaza City on a road identified as a “safe route”, which killed 70 people and wounded 200 others, was not done by Israel.


13- Israel is fighting Hamas, and not the civilian Gazan population, and it is doing so in full compliance with international law.


14- Israel bombed ‘al-Shifa’ hospital because it was a cover for the military operation of Hamas.


15- Ammunition and protective vests used by Hamas fighters were hidden behind M.R.I. machines at al-Shifa hospital, and other ammunition was in nearby storage units and some behind a “blast-proof door”.


16- A paper on a wall of a hospital showed a “list of terrorist names”, which actually was a calendar with days of the week written in Arabic.


17- Israeli regime sent incubators to Gaza hospitals to save premature babies from dying.


18- The projectiles fired by Palestinian fighters hit al-Shifa hospital on November 10.


19- The occupying regime said they targeted a car with “terrorists” in Lebanon. It was later found that the vehicle carried three little girls, their mother, and grandmother.


20- Hamas is holding people as human shields and the evidence is a video. The woman shown in the video was found to be a Mexican-Israeli actor.


21- An ambulance transferred members of Hamas to Rafah crossing (south of Gaza). After the ambulance was attacked, the victims were all civilians.


22- Gaza’s Baptist hospital attack, which killed 500 civilians, was done by Hamas. A fake video was released, transferring the blame to the Palestinian resistance group for the massacre.


23- Israel is doing everything it can to provide humanitarian assistance to babies at the Shifa hospital like sending them incubators and helping to evacuate them.


24- Hamas has its headquarters underneath hospitals in Gaza and is using babies as human shields, so these facilities are legitimate targets.


25- The tunnels under the al-Shifa hospital connect the hospital with other parts of Gaza.


26- The women raped by Hamas had their bones broken and suffered severe injuries.


27- On Jan. 14, Israel hinted at the possibility of pregnancies in female captives “raped” by Hamas. The claims of rape or injuries were never proven.


28- Israeli doctors treating freed captives said they had suffered violent sexual assault.


29- A video shared by Israeli official accounts said several Hamas fighters raped an Israeli woman. They were laughing and the last one shot her in the head.


30- The regime’s medics said a man aged 30 also suffered sexual assault during his captivity at the hands of Hamas. On the contrary, the freed captives were all praise for Hamas.


31- A 12-year-old Israeli captive was beaten by Palestinian civilians during captivity and was told Israel is destroyed.


32- A video of a young girl with a man showed Hamas fighters with a kidnapped Israeli girl.


33- Palestinian fighters were faking injuries. The video was a 2017 report about a makeup artist working on Palestinian films and with charities.


34- Palestinian children killed in the regime’s airstrikes were actually “dolls”, not humans.


35- Hitler’s autobiographical book “Mein Kampf” was found in the bedrooms of Gaza children.


36- Hitler’s picture was kept as the screensaver of tablets used by Palestinian children.


37- Hamas trains children in summer camps to kill Israelis, inciting them to terrorism. They are trained in tunnels and taught to shoot and kidnap, and learn the values of “jihad”.


38- Hamas has used every penny received from the international community to build terror tunnels.


39- Hamas teaches children not to love life but instead become martyrs and laud death.


40- Amid the ongoing war, Hamas has positioned children at the frontline sending them to deliver messages while operatives hide in shelters.


41- Hamas planted explosive devices in kindergartens in Gaza.


42- The complex web of Hamas tunnels located near Rantisi Hospital in Gaza City is equipped with elevators and electrical infrastructure.


43- Israeli army enacted tactical pauses for humanitarian purposes to allow civilians to replenish stocks such as food and water.


44- Food, water, medical supplies and shelter equipment are being transferred to the Gaza Strip regularly. The claim has been refuted by the UN time and again.


45- Israel does not stand in the way of providing any form of humanitarian aid to people in Gaza


46- In January 2024, Israel coordinated and facilitated a new field hospital in southern Gaza with a capacity of 50 beds to help wounded people.


47- Hamas is stifling humanitarian aid efforts for the people of Gaza to force a ceasefire.


48- Israel seeks to bring down civilian casualties in Gaza as much as possible.


49- Hamas fighters are increasingly surrendering to the Israeli military.


50- Israeli military discovered 1500 Hamas tunnels in Gaza since the start of the war.


51- Hamas has a subterranean network in Khan Younis, where key commanders are positioned.


52- Gaza’s civilian population is not the target of Israeli military attacks.


53- Israeli military differentiates between Palestinian civilians and Hamas fighters.


54- Hamas has been hiding its missiles under a little girl’s bed in Gaza.


55- Israeli military found tunnel shafts under children’s beds in Gaza.


56- Weapons manufacturing facilities were unearthed inside mosques in the Gaza Strip and booby traps were seen leading to clinics.


57- Children in Gaza play with puzzles that show Palestinian gunboats attacking Tel Aviv.


58- Israel designed a whole area as a humanitarian zone for Palestinians to escape fighting but Hamas shifted to that humanitarian zone and fired over 100 rockets from there.


59- Hamas violently seizes humanitarian aid convoys and shoots Gazan civilians on their way to southern Gaza.


60- Hamas hijacks aid trucks meant for Gazans and the UN agencies cover it up.


61- Hamas is trying to stop the people of Gaza from moving south to safety as “requested” by Israel.


62- An Israeli has been “murdered” every 6 minutes since the war began on October 7.


63- Israel aims to protect its people, this is a war of self-defense for the regime.


64- Hamas is using Western media to spread lies and carry out their psychological warfare.


65- Hamas has been using a child’s bedroom to shield one of the group’s weapons manufacturing and storage facilities.


66- Israeli military has gone out of its way to protect civilians while shelling Gaza.


67- United Nations is the biggest disappointment since October 7. The secretary general and all the UN agencies are in denial of the truth; they are hypocrites and speak downright lies.


68- Hamas killed 160 Palestinian children to build tunnels and used child labor to construct the underground network.


69- Israeli army captured hundreds of Hamas fighters in Gaza, while the footage showed naked Palestinian civilians being paraded and humiliated by Israeli troops.


70- Hamas built a terror tunnel using UNRWA cement bags in civilian neighborhoods.


71- Hamas is targeting Jewish worshipers and struck a synagogue in Gaza.


72- Hamas has spent billions of dollars in funding on building tunnels, and each tunnel costs around $3 million.


73- Israel’s battle is not against flesh and blood, but it is a spiritual war against darkness.


74- Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza was revealed to be a covert terror base.


75- Israeli army helps civilians in Gaza. It helped an elderly woman to get to a safe zone, dressed the wound of a young girl, and saved a newborn puppy.


76- Hamas hid weapons inside incubators at the Kamal Adwan Hospital in Gaza.


77- Gazan physician, Dr Nasser Almadhun, was a Hamas fighter who had been hiding in a hospital.


78- The Israeli military is defending Al Aqsa mosque from Hamas missiles.


79- Hamas fighters, carrying stockpiles of weapons, leave hospitals in Gaza


80- Israel is doing the world a favor by fighting radicalism.


81- The dead body of a kidnapped Israeli woman was found by Israeli forces in a tunnel in Gaza, but it was never released to the media.


82- Israeli army detonated 850 mines in Gaza during its ground operations, however, it never gave an exact figure of its casualties.


83- Israeli forces found Hamas weapons hidden in UNRWA humanitarian bags inside a school in Gaza.


84- Israeli army plans to flood Hamas tunnels in Gaza with seawater.


85- Before the war, 70 food trucks entered Gaza but now the average is 109 food trucks facilitated by Israel.  


86- A video was posted by Israeli officials, claiming that Palestinian fighters were “staging” war scenes. The video used was a Lebanese artistic tribute to Gaza.


87- One of Israel’s top diplomats shared a video showing people in Gaza watching footage of the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, however, it was found to be an Al Jazeera video of the war.


88- Israel posted photos showing “the teeth of children killed on October 7”. The pictures were of porcelain crowns or fake adult teeth.


89- The Israeli army claimed that underneath the city of Khan Yunis was an underground tunnel holding Israeli hostages. The tunnel is beneath a civilian area.  


90- Al Jazeera Journalists Hamza al Dahdouh and Mustafa Thuria were members of Hamas. Thuria was deputy commander in Hamas’ Gaza city brigade and Dahdouh was working with Islamic Jihad’s electronic engineering unit and previously served as deputy commander.


91- AK-47 rifles, cartridges, mortar shells, grenades and combat equipment were found in Gaza’s Islamic University.


92- The largest Hamas weapons production site in Gaza is located in Bureij, in central Gaza.  


93- In a densely populated area like Jabalya, the Israeli army evacuated locals to protect them.


94- Israel has been helping in the delivery of medical aid to Gaza. Along with the UN, it helped in the delivery of 49,000 vaccines to Gaza on December 29.  


95- Toy boxes were filled with mortar shells, warheads, and anti-tank missiles in a kindergarten in Gaza used by Hamas.


96- Israel aborts attacks on Gaza if it sees unexpected civilian presence. 


97- Hamas connected dolls to speakers playing crying sounds and set them in an area rigged with explosives to ambush Israeli troops.


98- Hamas used a room in a mosque in Jabalya for rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) training. Ammunition was found inside UNRWA bags. Again a manipulated video to back the claim.


99- Israel is doing philanthropic activities in Gaza. In December, it assisted in the evacuation of patients from Al-Ahli Hospital to UAE field hospital
Rafah. The fact is that the regime bombarded the Al-Ahli hospital in October, killing 500 people.


100- School curriculums in Hamas-ruled Gaza promote antisemitic ideology.

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