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Thousands rage in Toronto against Israeli genocide as Gaza war marks 100 days

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators take part in a mass rally in Toronto, Canada, marching down Yonge Street on Jan. 14, 2024.

Thousands of Canadians have taken to the streets of Toronto in a fresh declaration of support for international efforts to force an end to Israel’s 100-day war on Gaza amid signs that the conflict is spreading to Yemen.

The protesters assembled outside the Israeli Consulate at Yonge and Bloor streets on Sunday, holding placards chanting pro-Palestine slogans.

“Arms embargo on Israel now!” read one of the placards while demonstrators were chanting “Free, Free Palestine.”

It has been “100 days of starvation, thirst, disease, cold, bombings and collective punishment,” said one protester.

“I think you’re seeing it all over the world, the streets are speaking loud and clear to all of our elected officials who are not listening,” said another protester.

In Canada, many have come out week after week for similar demonstrations that have been taking place since the war began in Gaza on October 7, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza while demanding the Canadian government end its arms trade with Israel.

The Sunday rallies drew greater attendance than any local event connected with the war in the last several weeks, in spite of plunging temperatures and wind that made it feel like -18 C.

“I think Canada’s response has been shameful so far, [prime minister] Justin Trudeau has denied that genocide is taking place despite the case that South Africa has brought against Israel in the International Court of Justice and Canada has refused to impose an arms embargo even though we know that that’s something they’re capable of,” a protester said.

Some protesters also carried South African flags, after that country brought a case against Israel to the UN’s top court, accusing Tel Aviv of genocide against Palestinians.

Two co-organizers of the pro-Palestinian march, Awwad and Gur Tsabar of Jews Say No to Genocide, emphasized in an email that tens of thousands of Palestinians remain under Israeli custody “for far longer than 100 days.”

They said all innocent civilians “should be immediately released and brought home.”

Pro-Israel groups also held a smaller rival rally in Toronto.

On Saturday, three pro-Palestine protesters were arrested on Avenue Road overpass in Toronto after the city’s police chief declared the overpass off-limits to demonstrations late last week.

Similar pro-Palestine rallies were held elsewhere around the world over the weekend.

The global day of action on Saturday saw demonstrations take place in various international capitals, including Washington DC, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Johannesburg, Abuja, Tokyo, Islamabad, Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur.

Thousands of protesters in one of the largest pro-Palestinian demonstrations to date in the US capital, Washington, called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza and to stop US aid to Israel, as more than three months of Israeli offensive is killing 250 Palestinians per day.

Israeli regime’s relentless attacks on Gaza killed 125 more Palestinians over the past 24 hours. Per data by Palestinian Health Ministry more than 24,000 Gazans are killed- mostly women, children and the elderly - and many times more wounded or left unaccounted buried under the ruins of what remains of Palestinian homes.

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