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Armed uprising of Palestine against the Zionist entity

Palestinian Uprising. (Getty Images)

The Palestinian people have engaged in an extraordinary armed uprising against the Zionist entity, which has repeatedly and flagrantly spurned every single peaceful attempt to secure justice for Palestine, taking the Zionists by surprise.

The audacious military offensive by Palestinian freedom fighters began in the early hours of Saturday morning on October the seventh.

As fragile as a spider's web, the Zionist entity is shaking with fear. In an early morning blitz, Palestinian resistance factions from Gaza launched an unprecedented three pronged attack on the entity.

First fighters sailed over the Israeli fences using hang gliders, simultaneously, 5000 rockets were launched into the Zionist entity from the open air prison of Gaza, effectively disabling the highly vaunted Iron Dome system.

At the same time, Palestinians bulldozed the fences which fighters had sailed over earlier. What ensued was the homecoming of at least a thousand Palestinians from the resistance factions into the fragile Zionist entity.

Military bases were seized by the resistance and Israel's Merkava tanks were captured and taken back to Gaza. Settlements nearby, whose residents had previously watched on hilltops while Gaza was bombed, were seized by the resistance.

Over 100 settlers have been taken as prisoners of war by the resistance. The vast majority are members of the occupation forces. Some are extremely high ranking figures, like general Nimrod Aloni, commander of the Depth Corps, and former commander of the 143rd 'Gaza' Division. He was unceremoniously marched from his bed, in his underwear, by the resistance forces.

An area of occupied Palestine, larger than a district, was taken and held by the resistance factions, who reached within only 10 kilometers of the West Bank city of Al Khalil, known to settlers as Hebron.

It is documented that resistance factions were able to fashion weapons from unexploded munitions dropped on them by the Israelis. But did weapons from NATO escapades in Afghanistan and Ukraine really end up in Gaza? Time will tell.

The fear of South Lebanon is palpable among the settlers, so much so that an Israeli occupation unit opened fire on an approaching truck close to Lebanon. They discovered that the vehicle carried seven Israeli fighters all of whom had been killed by Zionist friendly fire.

Overall, in a space of 48 hours over 700 settlers were killed. The vast majority were part of the occupation forces. To put the figure into perspective, in proportion to the size of the population of the colony, that is the equivalent of over 20,000 people in the United States.

In the midst of it all, a Russian hacker group, Killnet, took down the Israeli regime's administration website, further spreading panic and fear.

Nearly all major stocks in Israel are in the red, with the benchmark index recording the biggest loss for every year. Poland and Bulgaria have sent military planes to evacuate their citizens and take them back home to Europe.

Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation

Do you think Israel was caught completely unawares by this operation?

It does seems so, I mean, there's been some reporting, hasn't there, that the Egyptian Intelligence Service had said something was going to happen but they were ignored.

So, I mean, I've seen the various other theories, let's not call them conspiracy theories, but as I've said that this is a false flag, but that the Zionists let it happen to let all these hundreds of people be killed or they thought that maybe a lesser number would be killed but no, it's not. It's clear that that's not what's happened.

What's happened clearly has been an operation planned for many, many months in Gaza, with the other resistance factions across the territories, and it's taken them entirely by surprise, but also, more importantly, it has inflicted an extremely significant military intelligence and psychological defeat of the Zionists; they didn't think that this could ever happen to them.

And the fact that they've had to evacuate people, thousands and thousands of people from all of the settlements around Gaza, and indeed, they're talking about evacuating all the settlements near the northern border (with Lebanon), should Hezbollah enter the conflict much more significantly than they have so far.

So we're seeing a defeat for Zionism and a crisis for them, really, because they're facing a real difficulty now; the possibility of the end of the Zionist entity.

David Miller, Academic

So I wonder if you could say a word or two as well about the conditions that people in Gaza have been living in over the over the years.

Well, people know the phrase, don't they, this is an open air prison. And of course, it's been an attempt by the Zionists in the last week or 10 days to say, oh no, it's not occupied. Look, we left Gaza in 2005, this is not an occupation, but of course it's entirely surrounded, it is surveiled 24 hours a day. And that underlines the scale of the achievement that the resistance could undermine all of that, but this is an open air prison.

And  even in the last few days intensified the siege; no water, no electricity. Nothing's going in or out, they have even closed the Rafah crossing into Egypt. Despite saying to people in Gaza, you must leave, the Rafah crossing is open. It's not anymore and they are talking about bombing that as well.

So this is an open prison as it has been for many years, most of the water in Gaza Is not drinkable. There are shortages of everything, including medicines, there are food problems. It's been bombed so many times and there's so much rubble there that they've had to actually start to use the rubble in ingenious ways to build new buildings.

So it's appalling, it's the worst place in the world, under constant military supervision, and yes, occupation by the Israelis.

David Miller, Academic

As you said, obviously, it's well known that it's an open air prison and yet, the corporate media, if you actually read the corporate media or listen to the broadcast channels in the corporate media, they never really talk about it in those terms, do they?

Well, thankfully, I don't depend on the corporate media anymore… In the last 20 years.

The corporate media presents a systematically distorted and skewed view and version of what's happening, although on the question of occupation, the Zionists have been complaining in the last little while about CBC, the Canadian broadcasters, saying that journalists should  use the word occupation because there still is an occupation.

So that's even the mainstream media won't go as far to a kind of fantasyland as the Zionists want them to.

David Miller, Academic

Eleven US citizens were killed in the in the operation. What do you think explains so many foreign nationals being present in Palestine?

There's been a British person being confirmed among those who have been killed over the weekend. Well, what explains this, of course, is something quite different to the explanation about civilians, or American citizens or British citizens even being killed in Ukraine because everybody understands that they are mercenaries but here, these people are either settlers or they're actually involved directly in and enrolled in what's called the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel occupation forces.

The British guy for example, 19 or 20 years old, was actually in the IDF. This is a British citizen as foreign fighters. We’d call these people foreign fighters if they were in Syria, or somewhere else, but we don't call them foreign fighters in this case.

Of course, when those people, who regularly go from Britain or from the US to join the oppressive forces of Israel, come back they're not interrogated as being terrorists. They're not interrogated and asked for why they got involved in violence and killing of civilians.

And actually, you know, in a structural violation of international law, which Israel, day by day, is committing.

And so there's a real question here about how we actually change the way in which our society works so that people from the UK will not want to go to fight for Israel.

David Miller, Academic

The shadow Foreign Secretary, David Lammy, was saying our thoughts are with a British citizen who was killed, but surely the question should be, why are British citizens serving in the Israeli occupation forces?

The strategic implications for the United States and Israel of the military operation by the Palestinian resistant factions

As the Palestinian resistance factions prepared for their operation early on Saturday morning, they must have known they were about to embark on what will surely be seen as the most historic mission of any Palestinian resistance fighters.

They broke out of the open air prison of Gaza for the first time since Gaza was occupied in 1967. Of course, the Zionist regime has answered the challenge with a bloody onslaught on civilians, killing more than 100 children in little over a day.

They deliberately, and openly, targeted civilian infrastructure in a frenzy of revenge. They've diverted personnel from the West Bank and have laid siege to Gaza. Nothing can go in or out. But the chess game can easily end in an existential threat.

Never has the idea that Israel is a temporary entity been so palpable The United States has issued bellicose warnings and says it is moving forces closer to the entity, but this has drawn fiery repose from the Resistance Axis, from Hezbollah, and, from the Iraqi resistance, making it plain that escalation means that US personnel will be legitimate targets across the whole region.

President Joe Biden gave a nod to the difficulties faced by the much vaunted US hegemony when he warned supporters of the Palestinians not to take advantage of the circumstances.

He didn't say it but the circumstances are a decline of US power, a notable shortage of US weaponry, which has been effectively destroyed in Ukraine, a little known US stockpile of ammunition held in Israel has been depleted by supplies to Ukraine. Current Pentagon plans to increase production will not even keep pace with the 6000 shells expended each day by the Ukrainians.

The entry of Hezbollah into the conflict from the north is an indication of the strategic vice that Israel finds itself in.

By Monday a Zionist radar station was decommissioned and the border fence, at the northern border with Lebanon, had been blown up.

Any ground war in Gaza will face stiff resistance and there will be many more occupation force casualties.

Does the entity have the appetite for this and will it mean the foundations of Zionism shall begin to crumble?

Since it was established the security of the Zionist entity has depended on having enough Jewish citizens to win the demographic struggles against the Palestinians.

With so many settlers fleeing from the airports, and settlers from Poland and Bulgaria being evacuated, how long before the entity crumbles and the dismantling of Zionism begins in earnest?

If the special military operation in Ukraine was the first act of the age of multipolarity, the prison break from Gaza is the opening of the second act. The future is unwritten.

Would you say that this was an explosion of anger from Gaza in response to the endless provocations from the Zionist entity or do you think there's something more strategic going on here?

Well, it would be no surprise to say that people in Gaza are a little bit angry, but this is not some spasm, some emotional outburst, this has been planned for a long, long time, at least a year.

It seems that Hamas and the other resistance factions, who we don't talk about, people talk about this being Hamas doing this and Hamas doing that, but it's Hamas, it's the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, it is the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were involved and Indeed, even the armed groups are there, and even Fatah is involved in some of these actions, not to mention the various factions across the West Bank.

So this is a thing which has been in planning for at least a year and is a strategic activity. So it's not as if this is over, there are other sorts of things which are going to fall into place, we've seen already from the north Hezbollah and, to some extent, other factions like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Lebanon, making a breach of the fence at the border.

This is a strategic thing and there are all sorts of structural questions in this chess game, but who next comes into the frame and that's what we have to see, that is what the future tells us.

This is not going to be something where the Zionists could just crush the resistance because there are all sorts of consequences for that.

David Miller, Academic

What do you make of the response of the remainder of the resistance axis? Do you think it will deter the Zionists?

People need to understand that the Resistance Axis is a natural thing, that the resistance in Lebanon, the Hezbollah in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen, the Ansarullah in Yemen, and of course, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is the actual functioning set of organizations who work together, they don't plan each other's activities, but they are coordinating with each other. And that's the key, the key to this is if there is an escalation from the Americans, the resistance in Hezbollah in Iraq have said that they will regard US targets across the region as legitimate.

Now, that is a big question. What does that mean in terms of the conflagration? There is also a question about what happens if there is a ground invasion of Gaza, if there's an invasion, the IDF, the Israeli occupation forces will take very, very, heavy casualties.

And it will also mean a massive escalation.

Hezbollah will almost certainly come in from the north, and then that, of course, is something which will be concentrated in the minds of Netanyahu and his cabinet about how far they can go to pursue their goals of eliminating and expelling all Palestinians.

David Miller, Academic

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