Britain’s legacy of shame

The bloody history of British soldiers, as well as their agents and representatives in Northern Ireland has been shocking in its brutality and its longevity and the death toll remains wildly disputed on both sides. 

However, tragedies like the Bloody Sunday killings that took place in Derry during a civil rights march, or the orchestrated murders of Catholic families in their homes at the hands of British agents and their collaborators continue to reverberate through the annals of Northern Ireland's history.

While so many communities are utterly paralyzed by those tragedies, the British government in Westminster has decided to push through with a bill that would essentially see those responsible granted amnesty. The question is how can the Conservatives continue with this disastrous piece of legislation?

In an unprecedented step, human rights organizations and political groups across Northern Ireland are united in their opposition to this legislation. They say it will simply brush past atrocities under the carpet and prevent healing and reconciliation taking place on both sides. There are also concerns that this bill would serve as a blueprint for British soldiers and their agents to commit other atrocities globally, without fear of retribution or prosecution.

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