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DPRK nuclear development driven by US threat

A display of 600 mm Superlarge Multiple Launch Rocket Systems at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Workers Party of Korea. December 31, 2022. (AFP)

The leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-Un, addressed the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK this week, emphasizing the country's nuclear weapons policies.

The DPRK has been steadily developing a nuclear and missile deterrent, as it views the US as a threat, a position recently outlined by the DPRK representative at the United Nations General Assembly.

Owing to the reckless and continued hysteria of nuclear showdown on the part of the US, and its following forces, the year 2023 has been recorded as an extremely dangerous year that the military security situation in and around the Korean peninsula was driven closer to the brink of a nuclear war.

Song Kim, Permanent Representative to UN, North Korea

The DPRK Assembly unanimously supplemented the constitution to "deter war and protect regional and global peace by developing nuclear weapons to the highest level". Politics in South Korea has motivated the North's military buildup,

The trilateral relationship of the US, Japan, and ,South Korea, has definitely given  Kim Jong-Un reason, he thinks, to improve or enhance or increase his nuclear capability, exponentially. That was the word that he used in translation.

Don Kirk, Political Analyst

Analysts also suggest the US and its increasing Alliance relations in the region have spurred Pyongyang strive to increase its nuclear missile capabilities.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have increased since the election of President Yoon Suk Yeol,

Under President Yoon, who came to office in May of 2022, joint US-South Korean military exercises have resumed which Pyongyang views as a rehearsal for invasion.

South Korea has been eager to display its military buildup with its own drills as well as those with the US and earlier this week with the first military parade in a decade through central Seoul.

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