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Israel Syria attacks

Iran has strongly condemned Israel’s repeated attacks on Syria, saying the regime uses such aggressions to divert the world's attention from its crimes against Palestinians. Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations also deplored the presence of active terrorist groups in Syria during past 12 years. Amir Saeed Iravani warned that the fight against terrorism should not be used as a pretext to violate Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity. He also slammed the illegal presence of foreign military forces in Syria as a cause of instability in the country and the entire region. Iravani reaffirmed Iran's position that the primary solution to the Syrian crisis is a political one, as any military option will further complicate the situation. He said the Islamic Republic is committed to collaborating with its partners within the framework of the Astana process to achieve sustainable normalization in Syria.

Bahrain prisoner plight 

Bahrain has extended jail terms of 13 political prisoners after they protested the conditions in which they were held in the notorious Jau prison. That’s according to Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, also known as BIRD.The rights group says the prisoners were given three more years in jail in a mass trial where none of them were present. It denounced the Bahraini court for severe due process violations, including the right to attend the trial, or meeting with the lawyer. Rights violations in Jau prison have been a matter of tension between prisoners and Bahraini authorities for years. Rights groups have accused Bahrain of serious human rights violations targeting members of the opposition, especially since the violent repression of mass protests in 2011.

Washington crime rise 

A new report says the US capital has seen a 28-percent uptick in homicides this year, as violent crimes continue to rise across the country.The report noted that victims of crime upsurge in Washington D.C. cover a wide range from little schoolgirls to immigrants. It added that despite all studies carried out so far, American researchers and politicians have not been able to find a concrete reason behind the rise in crime rate. The latest figures show that Washington's murder rate has jumped at a time that it has been declining in other major cities. According to police statistics, the number of armed carjackings in the US capital has more than doubled. The report added that many residents of Washington now avoid going to gas stations at night, as they are worried about carjackings.




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