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Northern Ireland Legacy Bill approved by Parliament

In this Aug. 1972 photo British troops watch as members of the Ulster Defence Association parade through Belfast, Northern Ireland. File/Associated Press

The Controversial Northern Ireland Legacy Bill, which effectively blocks further investigations into atrocities committed during the “Troubles,” a prolonged civil conflict that killed thousands of people between the late 1960s and 1998, has been approved by Parliament

They have waited years for justice that will never come. Mark Kelly's sister Carol Anne was murdered during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

12 years of age, she was shot in the back of the head; she was shot behind the left ear.

And there is absolutely no reason in the world that anyone can give any parent or brother or sister as to why their little sister should be murdered on their own street at the front door of their house.

Mark Kelly, Brother of Victim

Mark and hundreds of others in Northern Ireland may never have closure now.

The 'Legacy Bill', which grants immunity to IRA volunteers and to British soldiers for historical atrocities in Northern Ireland, is also proving to be a huge test for Anglo Irish relations amid a chorus of criticism from around the world.

The Republic of Ireland is weighing up a human rights case against London for the first time in more than five decades.

Everyone, no matter who was affected, whether they were affected by IRA violence, or a military violence by the state itself.

Everyone has a right to justice, some kind of justice, and the very least investigate whatever had happened to their loved ones.

I mean, and that's just that's just the basics, Article Two of the European Convention on Human Rights (Right to Life).

Sean Murray, Filmmaker and Political Commentator

Under the new legislation, if anyone accused of murder gives information to a so called Truth recovery body, they'll escape prosecution.

This is seen by many as an attempt by the British government to hide the truth.

There were hundreds of IRA volunteers who made the deal during the conflict, but if we look at in stark contrast to what the soldiers or the paramilitary RUC, not one ever served a full sentence for the killing of civilians during the conflict.

In fact, a number of British soldiers were let out early and given medals whilst they went back into the British army.

So there's a stark contrast between both this is really about immunity for British soldiers.

Sean Murray, Filmmaker and Political Commentator

The legislation is now going through the House of Lords, where it's not expected to receive any amendments, after which it is expected to receive Royal Assent in just a couple of days.

But the victim's families say it's not going to deter them in their pursuit for justice.

3,500 people were killed during the conflict between Protestants loyal to British rule, and the majority Catholics, who wanted to break away from it.

Two and a half thousand of those cases remain unresolved. And it is those who have already paid the most, who are being asked to pay again.

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